SNOB Oil Bubblers

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SNOB Oil Bubblers

The SNOB Oil Pipes Pipes Bubblers are handmade oil especially smoking marijuana. The kit includes everything you need:

     Body glass bong.
     Sun, tub, bowl for grass and glass dabber
     Nail titanium grade 2.

The glass pipes Handmade Oil SNOB Bubblers are a high quality. It is handmade in borosilicate glass. The form and decoration of the bubblers makes them unique and very functional. It is held only by its round base. The complete kit included places the fingertips everything you need in a special moment. Easy assembly and cleaning, SNOB Oil pipes are an accessory for a lifetime. The quality of the smoke that offers make an item that stare. The shower shaped diffuser provides greater contact of smoke with water offering a clean, fresh sensation. Undoubtedly one of the best smoking glass pipes oil and dried flowers.


Height: 37cm

Weight: 800g (includes all accessories)

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