Solux Skywalker T5

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Solux Skywalker T5-24w

Solux Skywalker is a complete lighting kit, suitable for cloning a rooting cuttings. Skywalker T5 has a 24w consumption, and a length of 60cm, being possible to connect up to 6 units in line. T5 are high intensity fluorescent, with a real low consumption, so they are ideal to root cuttings, due to the color of its spectrum (6400K) and the low power, that avoid dehydrating plants when they still haen't root it.

Solux Skywalker T5 lights are a complete kit compound a T5 fluorescent, handler, ballast and reflector, that allows you to connect up to 6 units, to cover a larger area.

Skywalker by Solux has a length of 60cm, and a 24w consumption, what makes it an ideal tool to multiply plants (clones).

Skywalker is easy to set up, because it's kind of plug and play (does not need professional set up).

Solux Skywalker T5 characteristics

Type: Low consumption T5 fluorescent.

Use: Lighting kit for cutting propagation.

Power: 24w.

Length: 60cm.


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