Standard EC 2.77 Bluelab calibration solution

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Keep your Bluelab EC meter in perfect condition thanks to the Standard EC 2.77 calibration solution. With this calibrator liquid you can make sure that your irrigation water measurements are accurate and without errors.


Bluelab Standard EC 2.77 calibration solution (1385 ppm 500 / 1939 ppm 700)

With the passage of time and use, the meters can stop measuring correctly, but Bluelab's calibration solution allows you to keep them in optimal conditions. This calibrator fluid is designed to adjust meters that require a 2.77 EC calibration. There are other calibrator fluids available to adjust meters that require different levels of calibration.

How to use

Bluelab's calibration solution is very easy to use and its use is similar to other brand liquid calibrators. The steps to calibrate the meter with the Bluelab Standard EC 2.77 calibration solution are explained below:

  1. Pour a small amount of the calibration solution into a beaker or bottle stopper. You don't need to pour a lot, just enough to cover the meter probe.
  2. Dip the meter into the calibration solution and follow the instructions on the meter to calibrate it. Some gauges are calibrated using a screw and others are calibrated simply by pushing buttons.

It is important not to return the calibrator fluid to the vial as this can contaminate the rest of the fluid and compromise its quality. In addition, it is advisable not to leave the bottle open to avoid the entry of dust or any type of dirt that could alter the calibration solution.
It is important to recalibrate the meter approximately once a month to ensure that the measurements are accurate and error free. Bluelab Standard EC 2.77 calibration solution is suitable for meters that need this specific calibration, but there are also 1288 and 1413 calibrator fluids. Bluelab's calibration solution comes in an opaque 250 mL bottle that helps preserve the product for long periods of time. longer without being contaminated or deteriorating.

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