Super Skunk feminized Nirvana Seeds

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Super Skunk feminized Nirvana Seeds-5 seeds
Super Skunk feminized Nirvana Seeds-10 seeds
Super Skunk is a hybrid between Skunk#1 and Skunk Special. This strain offers great crops, of strong effect, being a really easy to grow plant.

The Super Skunk has been a successful attempt to intensify the Skunk # 1 crossed this with our Skunk Special. This F1 hybrid between the skunk is one of the first to fall short of the power of strong coffees imported hashish. It is still famous for its strong flavor and powerful buzz. Much easier to clone than varieties "white". Yields can be very interesting. Also grows exceptionally in greenhouses and sheds.

Height: Medium, mixed indica / sativa

Buzz: Heavy and elated.

THC: 18% -24%

Flowering: 8-10 weeks

Yield: 400g-500g

Outdoor Harvest: September-October

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