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Sweet Mimosa Xl Auto seeds by Sweet Seeds are an exceptional autoflowering variety. Coming from a genetic cross between Clementine (Tangie x Lemon Skunk) and Purple Punch (Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple), these seeds offer easy cultivation and amazing results.


Reasons to choose Sweet Mimosa Xl Auto seeds from Sweet Seeds:

  • Easy-to-grow autoflowering variety
  • Unique combination of high-quality genetics
  • Tall bud production levels
  • Powerful effects and delicious flavors

Exceptional genetic cross: Clementine x Purple Punch

A perfect combination for a unique crop

Sweet Seeds' Sweet Mimosa Xl Auto seeds are the result of crossing two renowned varieties. On the one hand, Clementine (Tangie x Lemon Skunk) brings its delicious citrus flavor and its energetic and euphoric effect. On the other hand, Purple Punch (Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple) adds fruity notes and a relaxing, sedative high. This genetic combination guarantees an exceptional experience in every way. When it comes to growing, these autoflowering seeds are ideal for both novice and experienced growers. Its resistant and fast-growing genetics allow for abundant harvests in a relatively short time. In addition, its compact structure and moderate height make it easy to handle in limited growing spaces. As for the taste, the Sweet Mimosa Xl Auto offer an explosion of citrus and fruit flavors, with sweet and tropical nuances that will delight your taste buds. In terms of effect, these seeds offer a balanced combination. You will experience an initial feeling of euphoria and creativity thanks to the influence of Clementine, followed by a deep and pleasant relaxation provided by Purple Punch.

Characteristics of Sweet Mimosa Xl Auto

  • Bank: Sweet Seeds

  • Type: Autoflowering

  • Genetics: Clementine (Tangie x Lemon Skunk) x Purple Punch (Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple)

  • Sativa/Indica: Indica Predominant

  • Effect: Energetic and euphoric followed by relaxation and sedation

  • Indoor flowering: 9-10 weeks from germination

  • Indoor height: 80-100 cm

  • Height outdoors: 120-140 cm

  • Indoor production: 400-550 g/m²

  • Outdoor production: 50-170 g/plant

  • Flavour: Citrus, fruity and sweet

  • Aroma: Citrus and tropical notes

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