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The Sweet Zenzation XL Auto cannabis seed is a variety known for its wonderful scent and calming effects. With it, you will achieve an easily maintainable cultivation, producing large quantities of buds with good size. In this article, we will discuss its benefits and what you need to know before cultivating it.

Sweet Zenzation XL Auto: An Aromatic and Relaxing Experience

What are the main properties of Sweet Zenzation?

Some of the qualities and characteristics of the Sweet Zenzation seed are as follows:

  • It is a 7th generation autoflowering variety, resulting from the cross between Zkittlez and Runtz XL Auto.
  • Its size varies between 60 and 120 cm. It produces large, fluffy flowers completely filled with resin.
  • Its genetic composition has an indica percentage of 63.3% and a sativa percentage of 36.2%.
  • It has a Ruderalis index of only 0.2%. It has a THC concentration ranging from 17% to 24%.

How is it cultivated?

Regardless of whether your cultivation is indoor or outdoor, you will achieve results from the 8th week after germination. In the case of indoor cultivation, you can harvest about 550g/m2. For outdoor cultivation, the production ranges from 60 to 180g per plant. Of course, this will depend on the conditions and care of the cultivation.

Recommendations for cultivating Sweet Zenzation XL Auto

For indoor cultivations, it is advisable to implement odor filtration systems. As mentioned before, the aroma of this variety is very noticeable and intensifies during the final flowering phase.

Sweet Zenzation XL Auto: An Autoflowering Gem

Sweet Zenzation XL Auto from Sweet Seeds seed bank is a 7th generation autoflowering strain created from the cross between two groundbreaking varieties, Zkittlez and Runtz XL Auto. The latter was used to introduce the auto gene into this new Sweet Seeds variety.

Taste and aroma

The terpenes of Sweet Zenzation XL Auto give it a sweet and fruity flavor, with floral and citrus undertones. It is a perfect variety to enjoy an explosion of flavors with each hit.

Cultivation of Sweet Zenzation XL Auto

This variety is easy to cultivate and adapts well to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. For indoor cultivation, it is recommended to use odor filtration systems due to its intense aroma. For outdoor cultivation, its complete life cycle takes only 8 weeks from germination, with yields that can reach 180g per plant. It is an ideal choice for self-cultivation enthusiasts.

Characteristics of Sweet Zenzation XL Auto by Sweet Seeds

  • Genetics: Zkittlez x Runtz XL Auto
  • Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds
  • Genotype: Indica/Sativa
  • Indoor flowering: 8 weeks
  • Outdoor flowering: March to October
  • THC Content: High
  • Indoor yield: High
  • Outdoor yield: High
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