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Tightvac jars-0.06l
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Tightvac jars-1.3l
Tightvac jars-2.30l

Tightvac cans are perfect to store and to transport dried herbs. Its perfect sealing makes Tightvac jars a great way way to ensure your smell won't come out, so you'll be much more secure, when transporting cannabis. Tightvac cans are available in different sizes, what allows you to choose the ones that better fit your needings.

This large Tintvac will hold 1 to 3 pounds of flour, cereal, sugar, pasta, oatmeal, chips or herbs. Guaranteed to keep the bears away on your camping trip and will become your best friend in the kitchen.

The Tintvacs offer extra protection from light - while still allowing you to see what is inside.

Tintvacs are vacuum sealed containers.

Makes great Wedding gifts, Christmas gifts & Birthday Presents.

Available in clear, solid or tinted body styles.

Tightvac empty cans are specially designed for food preservation and / or dried vegetables. The various measures Tightvac make a box perfect to preserve or carry buds.

Available sizes:

     0.06 liters
     0.12 liters
     0.29 liters
     0.57 liters
     2.30 liters

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