Tussk - Mamoth smoking filters

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Tussk - Mamoth smoking filters-Tussk 50mm
Tussk - Mamoth smoking filters-Tussk 60mm
Tussk - Mamoth smoking filters-Tussk 70mm
TUSSK - Mammoth Ivory Smoking Filters

Cigarette filters help reduce the amount of smoke, tar, and fine particles inhaled during combustion. Cigarette filters also help reduce the harshness of smoke and keep tobacco flakes out of the smoker's mouth.
Tussk Smoking Filters are carved from Mammoth Ivory legally extracted from the Siberian Tundra.

Tussk Smoking Filters feature:

  • Length: 50 or 60 mm
  • Crafted from the Finest Quality Mammoth Ivory

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  1. Alon ganani asks Oct 31, 2016

    Will u restock the mamoth tusk smoking filter if yes i want to buy 3 piecses

    1. Edu SantYerbasi answers Oct 31, 2016

      Hello Alon,
      We've tried to re-stock it but seems it will be no-longer available since Tusk is doing them any more.
      Best wishes

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