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SantYerbasi adds U-Pink Kush to its strain catalogue. U-Pink Kush is a strain, crossing from Kush plants, with purple genetics. These seeds flower in only 8-9 weeks, with a medium yields of buds covered in high quality resin.

The power and effect of this strains is known worldwide,we started the work thanks to Reeferman Seeds old stock kept for more than five years.
After grow the line we decided to play it in different crops open pollination among the 10 most prominent examples.Our intention is try to preserve some variability (within respecting the highest quality and patterns that make Pink Kush in what is today, a jewel ).
Underground Pink Kush is a very powerful strain,does not need too much food, is quite grateful,has the distinction of taking pink stigmas, and even fuchsia, theundersides of leaves shades between red and acquires purple tones, these characters are more visible outdoor.
The amount of resin is brutal, typical of the best kushes, the aroma is a combination of original kush and diesel with a sweet background, but the best of U-Pink Kush is the effect, with a little bud can be one of the best smokes in your life... a big bud can ruin your day.
The density of the buds is high, the leaves closest to these are dipped in resin. This beauty finishes her flowering period between 8 and 9 weeks.
The hash is a delicacy of world famous high quality, with some reds and ochres colors produces a bubbling from another galaxy.
Int: 8 - 9 weeks
Outdoor: early October.
Porduction: 500 to 700 grams per square meter.
Production: up to 1 kg dry per plant in mother earth.

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