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The Easy Valve Set for Volcano vaporizer is the perfect solution for Volcano users (analog or digital) who prefer to don't take care of maintenance. This kit includes 5 Easy Valve sets perfectly prepared and ready to use. The Easy Valve is also an optimal solution for cannabis clubs and associations, being possible to asign an Easy Valve for each associate, being much more higienic than sharing the same nozzle.

What's Volcano Classic Easy Valve?

If you ever seen or used Volcano vaporizer, you will know that it has two main parts: In one side there is the vaporizer itself, that takes care of heating up the weed to release all the vape, and on the other side there is the well-known ballon, which takes care of soring all vapes to be inhaled by users.

If we deeply analize the ballon-part you will notice that there are some differences depending on the type of valve used: Solid Valve or Easy Valve.

In this case focussing in the Easy Valve, this valve takes care of opening/closing the vape flow to the balloon. The main advantage of this Easy Valve compared to Solid Valve si that it does not need any maintenance, and it eases the ballon replacement.

All the set is perfectly thought and sealed to be used with no need of assembling anything.

Advantages of kit Easy Valve by Storz & Bickel

As we already explained the main advantage of the Volcano Easy Valve complete set is its ease of use and maintenance. As user you focus just in enjoying your vaping experience with your Volcano. Forget about dismantleling valves to place the balloon, nor anything.

This is a light but robust set that does not need maintenance, arrived to the end of its lifespan you only need to take the new unit and get rid of the old one (the set includes 5 units).

The Easy Valve is easy to use and has an optimized cross section of the filling chamber for a better vaping experience.

This set can be used in all models of Volcano Classic and Digital without any need of adapter.

¿What does the Volcano Easy Valve complete set include?

This complete set comes in a box that includes the following essential elements and spare parts, besides a usefull tool for cleaning:

  • 5 pieces Easy Valve ballon with nozzle.
  • 1 filling champer for herbs.
  • 1 pad for vaping liquids.
  • 1 set of normal screens.
  • 1 cleaning brush.

How to replace Easy Valve Volcano bags?

After a continuous use you might want to replace the bag of your Easy Valve, instead of replacing the whole set (saving some bucks with it you can use for other purposes like getting more flowers ;).

Replacing the bag is easy and quick, as you only need to take the plastic ring that holds the bag out, change the bag and place everything in its place again.

We remind you that we do sell the balloon set for Volcano vaporizer, which comes with 3 meter long bag that can be cut at your prefered length, but we do recommend not using ballons longer than 50-60cm (about 1,5-2 feet).

Easy Valve VS Solid Valve final reviews

No doubt this is a very controversial points, as the choose of one or other valve can vary the user experience. In general, after years selling Volcanos, and as active users too, we do consider the solid valve set as a better option for most of the users (all Volcano Classic or Digital sold by SantYerbasi come with the Solid Valve included). Maybe this need to be nuanced:

By quality of compounds (metals and plastics) the Solid Valve seems a better purchase (specially in a long-term in which quality of the pieces turns into longer lifespan. Said this, the Easy valve has its advantages, specially depending on the use you'll give it. In first place there is the savings in price for the complete set purchase, besides the lighter weight and the smaller size to store it easily.

In our opinion who is this Easy Valve made for? Mainly for people who use the volcano from time to time, shared with other people. For an sporadic use I mean not only to be used from time to time, and for shared use I mean more than one person using the vaporizer. If the vaporizer has more than one user, maybe it is interesting that each user has its own bag, so Easy Valve might be the best option.

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