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Voodoo Juice Plus in tablet form by Advanced Nutrients increases the size of flowers. An effervescent fertilizer tablet with 16 beneficial strains that enhance biomass, nutrient absorption, and root development.

Voodoo Juice Plus Tablets Boost Roots and Increase Harvests

Voodoo Juice Plus represents a revolution in the world of fertilizers and crop bio-stimulants, combining the effectiveness of Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula in a convenient one-gram tablet. This innovative solution eliminates the tedious task of mixing or measuring three different liquid products, saving time and simplifying the plant care process.

Each tablet contains a concentration of 10 billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs), ensuring a shelf life of 18 months. This powerful package can supply up to 378 liters, providing 16 carefully selected strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi by microbiologists of Advanced Nutrients.

The magic of Voodoo Juice Plus is unleashed by enveloping the root tips with microorganisms that form the mycelium, increasing root length and solubilizing previously blocked nutrients. The Voodoo Juice Plus supplement not only enhances biomass rich in essential oils but also establishes a direct connection between root mass and harvest size.

The exclusive formula of this fertilizer converts atmospheric nitrogen into available ammonia, minimizing nitrogen deficiencies and ensuring vigorous growth. The benefits extend further: nutrients penetrate root membranes, reaching the deepest corners for robust development and productive flowering.

The radiant and efficient rhizosphere developed by Voodoo Juice Plus leaves no harmful residues, improving the absorption of iron and other essential nutrients. The easy application allows each tablet to mix and dissolve completely when added to the nutrient reservoir, facilitating the process for growers of all experience levels.

With the advanced science of Advanced Nutrients, this comprehensive cultivation system optimizes all stages of the vegetative and flowering cycles. Discover the true genetic potential of your crops by experimenting with Voodoo Juice Plus, a revolutionary solution that elevates your bud harvests to new levels of excellence.

Key Benefits of Voodoo Juice Plus:

  • Promotion of biomass rich in essential oils: Improves crop quality.
  • Enhancement of optimal nutrient absorption: Facilitates efficient nutrient absorption by roots.
  • Protection and expansion of roots: Forms mycelia that protect and expand root tips.
  • Conversion of atmospheric nitrogen: Prevents nitrogen deficiencies by converting atmospheric nitrogen into available ammonia.
  • Deep penetration into roots: Ensures the delivery of essential nutrients to the deepest parts of the plants.
  • Development of a healthy root environment: Creates a vibrant root environment free from harmful residues.
  • Improvement of iron and essential nutrient supply: Transforms inorganic or trapped forms of nutrients into absorbable forms.

Main Ingredients:

Voodoo Juice Plus contains a blend of 16 strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi carefully selected by microbiologists from Advanced Nutrients.

Compatibility and Uses:

Voodoo Juice Plus from Advanced Nutrients is fully compatible with all pH Perfect fertilizers, as well as pH Perfect-free fertilizers, and can be combined with fertilizers from other manufacturers. It can be used in different types of crops.

Usage Instructions:

  • 1 and 2 weeks of Growth: 1 tablet per 378 liters of water.
  • 1 and 2 weeks of Flowering: 1 tablet per 378 liters of water.
  • The tablet can be divided as needed.
  • It is recommended to add the tablet to the nutrient reservoir for easy dissolution.


Each 1-gram tablet of Voodoo Juice Plus contains 10 billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) and serves up to 378 liters.
It is important to follow usage recommendations and consult the manufacturer's instructions to maximize the benefits of Voodoo Juice Plus in your cultivation.

For what growing environments and fertilization systems is Voodoo Juice Plus designed?

Voodoo Juice Plus is specifically designed for use with various hydroponic growing mediums and all continuous fertilization systems, such as aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, Ebb & Flow, and DWC.

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