Waterwand solar irrigation system

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Solar irrigation system

Pumps that will water your plants as much as they need when they need it….powered by the sun
Measuring only 14 x 11 x 5.5 cm, these smart little pumps can raise water up to 4.5m and irrigate up to 5 sqm.
Hang one in the sun and the chip-controlled pump will come on every 3 hours. It waters more when your plants need more.
Use a WaterWand or Irrigatia pump to water vegetable, herb or flower beds, pots, hanging baskets, living walls, greenhouses or even for hydroponics.
Choose to water with drippers, dripline or seephose.
Automated delivery gives you peace of mind
Use any clean, non-pressurised water source from a tank to a bucket or, even better......
Add a Magic Bed that fills itself with water and delivers it to your plants
No room for a tank? It’s perfect – it takes up no more room than an ordinary raised bed
Flat pack bed can be constructed in a few minutes
Ecologically sound. No run off of fertiliser into streams and rivers.
Fertilise automatically and accurately by adding fertilisers to the reservoir. 
Hot, dry days. Your plants will survive because of continual watering at the right rate.
Use less water. About half the water is needed because there is much less wastage with this system.
Renting? No problem – take it with you when you move.
No tree roots stealing all your water and nutrients.
Great at your holiday home.

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