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White Cheese Auto is a hybrid resulting from crossing three selected strains from Dinafem: White WIdow, UK Cheese and rudelaris. A marijuana autoflowering strain that will be ready to harvest 75 after germination, with yields up to 130 grams per plant.

White Cheese autoflowering has been created by crossing our White Widow autoflowering with our Cheese autoflowering. Intense Cheese taste combined with the high production, plenty of resin and high potency of the White Widow, makes it an unbeatable strain.

It works as a perfect hybrid, expressing the best of its inherited genetics. Which in this case are the intense Cheese flavor plus the resin and high yield of the White Widow. The natural high dominance of our White Widow line has improved buds thickness, resin and stability. The final product is sweet, has an intense flavor and a powerful physical effect very appropriate for medicinal use.

  • YIELD: 40 to 130 grams
  • HEIGHT: 60 to 120 cm.
  • FLOWERING TIME: 75 days.

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