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Welcome to SantYerbasi, one of the most professional Growshop, Seedshop, Headshop and Lifestyleshop.
First of all we would like to introduce ourselves to explain who we are and how we work, and also to inform you about our privacy policy.

SantYerbasi Growshop Barcelona opened its doors at Berlinés street in April 2003. Ever since, Sant Yerbasi has put all its effords to offer a constant improve offereing products, and service also.
Five years later, SantYerbasi increased its family with Sant Yerbasi Maresme, a new grow shop in Mataró considered a megastore for marijuana growing, placed at Polígono Plà de’n Boet of Mataró.
Few years next, SantYerbasi decided to open its third growshop in Valladolid: Sant Yerbasi grow shop Valladolid, at Polígono San Cristóbal.

SantYerbasi, thanks to its three shops, became one of the biggest growing areas in Spain. We are focused in marijuana seeds and growth material sale. At this grow shop you can purchase feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds or regular seeds, as well as hundreds of products for cannabis growth.

Our experience has taught that every customer is different, and that’s why we give a custom customer service. At SantYerbasi we give our best solving customer’s issues. We like to give our clients the knowhow about all technologies, and also tecniques to avoid problems during the growth or to increase their yields.
We are convinced that this is the line to follow, and that’s why SantYerbasi bases all its work and success on trust, and the conviction that quality is a must.

SantYerbasi Grow Shop has demonstrated in multiple occasions its skills about marijuana growth. Many awards and hundreds of growers can certify that. Thanks to our working line and dedication, SantYerbasi has been awarded in different cannabis cups:

  • 3rd High Life Cannabis Cup 2004
  • 1st High Life Cannabis Cup 2005
  • 3rd  SanFerWeed Cannabis Cup 2008
  • 1st Garraf Cannabis Cup 2011
  • 1st Indoor Asturcannabis 2015


We are proud that some of our growers have become  winners when they introduced samples to amateur cannabis cups:

  • 1st outdoor - Growstore sindicate Cannabis Cup (Johny Walker)
  • 1st Best Indica by K-Lité with MK Ultra at Social Cannabis Cup 2015.
  • 3rd Best Indica by Plaer de la Vida with Somango Juice at Social Cannabis Cup 2015.
  • 1st Best Indica by plaer de la Vida with Girl Scout Cookies at Biocup 2015


Extense product catalogue


At SantYerbasi we sell many Nutrient brands, lights, electrical products and growth material, some of them leaders in market. All necessary tools to sprout, grow, harvest and keep healthy plants, indoors and outdoors.

If you are looking for products, at our headshop you’ll find everything you’ll need related to marijuana smoking lifestyle: pipes, bongs, vaporizers, grinders, resin extractors, BHO and all types of parafernalia related with marijuana consumption.

At SantYerbasi we encourage all growers to visit us in any of our three different shops in Barcelona, Mataró or Valladolid, to check our wide stock of cannabis seeds and products, available for cannabis growth, as well as to meet our skilled team members, lovers of marijuana growth.


Adress and telephone numbers:

SantYerbasi Grow Shop Maresme

SantYerbasi Grow Shop Valladolid


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