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The category marijuana seeds, contains every one of the best varieties of cannabis in the world. At Sant Yerbasi Grow Shop you can buy Autoflowering marijuana seeds, Feminised cannabis seeds, regular marijuana seeds and seeds Collectors Edition seeds.

Cannabis can show many and different qualities. Indica seed strains, sativas, hybrids, weed seeds with euphoric effect, relaxing effect ... There are strains with increased resistance against pests, or quicker flowering. Inside this category you'll find regular cannabis seeds (male-female), feminized seeds, rudelaris (automatic) seeds or packs with different strains (Collectors Edition).

Are you looking for beginner's seeds for your first outdoor growing? Check out our prices in Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. 

Find the best cannabis seeds for sale at SantYerbasi Grow Shops . The best and most proven seed banks worldwide. Marijuana seeds per units, seed packs of 3-6-9 seeds, 5-10 packs of seeds... Here are the seeds you were looking for: We have more than 1000 marijuana strains to choose from.

To make it easier to choose the marijuana strain you where looking for, we added a filtering system, in all marijuana seed categories. In SantYerbasi online store you will find best marijuana strains, classified by sex, genetics, taste, yield, effect...

Marijuana Types

Cannabis Indica

Indica marijuana strains are typically a quick flowering time, compact size, bushy, as well as wider leaves, and higher yields. Thanks to good results offered by indica cannabis plants, and a shorter flowering time, these strains are easier to grow by all growers, most experienced one, and less experienced ones. Another characteristic to highlight from indica strains is a more relaxing effect, better for some medical purposes.

Cannabis Sativa

Sativa marijuana strain have as main characteristics a longer flowering time, being plants with higher THC levels, what makes them more psycoactive, than her indica sisters. Cannabis sativa morfology means a taller plant, with increased stretching, with thiner leaves, and longer. Other weel known characteristic is its euphoric effect, less common in an indica plant.

Marijuana genetics

Purple strains

Purple Marijuana became famous thanks to its purple buds, what makes them highling in any garden. Purple marijuana strains, are ussually hybrids from genetics, selected all over the globe, for its colouring during flowering time, with being mostly indica plants.

Afghan genetics

Marijuana plants grown, and backcrossed, in Afghanistan, with the pass of years have become a cannabis strain named afghani. This plants, are closer to cannabis indica, with huge leaves, able to catch all sunrays. The afghani strains are known by its quick flowering time, good yields, and sweet taste of its flowers. Are a medium sized plants, with dense buds, lots of resin, and usually resistant against pests.

Kush genetics

Kush strains, are originary from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kush genetics are famous for its strong effect, high resin production, and for being resistant against pests and mold. Also known by its soily taste, characteristic from all strains of this marijuana family, mostly indica.

Skunk family

Skunk marijuana genetics, was a revolution in 70s-80s decades. Nowadays, say Skunk is make a refferencia to a heavy yielder plant, with quick flowering time, and characteristic taste. Skunk strains are an indica-sativa hybrid resulting from crossing an Afghani plant with a Mexican-Colombian, resulting in a medium strong plant, so easy to grow.

White family

Whie family was born from the original White Widow marijuana strain, created in 1994, by breeder Shantibaba (known for being the owner of Mr Nice Seedbank), that used to work for Greenhouse Seeds in that period. White Widow is a marijuana hybrid, between a pure sativa from Brazil, and a Sativa-Indica from the South of India. White strains present as main characteristic its quick flowering time, huge yields of flowers coated with resin, with intense mind effects.

Blue family

Blue marijuana history begins in United States, by the hand of DJ Short, a famouse breeder during the 80s-90s decades. The original Blueberry was a genetic mix using: Highland Thai x Juicy Fruit Thai x Purple Thai x Afghani. The main charcateristics from the Blue marijuana family are its fruity taste, with strong effects, and a color that fades to purple at the end of its flowering cycle, with a high flower production.

Haze strains

Haze marijuana strains are 100% sativa plants. Haze genetics is known for its vigourosity, long flowering time, euphoric effects, and incense flavours. The Haze family is originally from California, produced by "Haze Brothers". These breeders crossed a Mexican sativa with a Colombian, to later on cross it with a landrace from the South of India, and the mix it with a Thailand male.

Marijuana taste


Marijuana plants can present multiple varys in its genetic composition, resulting in many possible taste, and flavours depending on each. At SantYerbasi we've created a filter to select just the marijuana plants with sweet taste. In-between sweet marijuana plants you may find indica plants, sativa plants, and hybrids, with taste that remind candys, and tropical fruits.


Thanks to multiple crosses made, of worldwide marijuana strains, nowadays, cannabis plants present many differences depending on each strain. We will find cannabis strains with a taste and flavour clearly citrus, that sometimes could be identified as lemony. This strains with a more citrus taste, are apreciated for some consumers, who like taste that go along from citrus fruits, oranges, tangie, lemon...

Low cost marijuana strains

From the whole seed catalogue available at SantYerbasi, and to battle against crisis, we liked to create a selection of cheap marijuana strains. To see the lowest cost cannabis seeds you can check this link:
Cheapest marijuana seeds

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