Marijuana seeds

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Comprehensive Guide on Marijuana Seeds

Explore the universe of marijuana seeds, each carrying a unique story, distinct genetic profile, and specific cultivation potential.

Our detailed guide covers everything from feminized to autoflowering seeds, including Indica and Sativa varieties, providing you with all you need to select, cultivate, and maintain your cannabis seeds optimally.

Intuitive Navigation through the Marijuana Seeds Catalog

At SantYerbasi, we understand the importance of finding the perfect marijuana variety for you. That's why we've implemented an advanced filtering system in all categories of our marijuana seeds catalog.

You can easily search by sex, genetics, flavor, yield, and effect to find exactly what you're looking for, ensuring a smooth and personalized browsing experience.

Types of Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are carefully selected to produce almost exclusively female plants, eliminating the possibility of pollination by males.

Available from leading cannabis seed banks, they are the ideal choice for growers seeking an efficient and streamlined process.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds represent a genetic feat, capable of flowering automatically without depending on the light cycle.

They are perfect for both beginner growers and those looking for quick harvests.

Many of these seeds come with **free discreet shipping**, ensuring a safe and private shopping experience.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are the most natural and pure form of cannabis, capable of producing both male and female plants.

They are essential for breeders interested in experimenting with genetics and creating their own unique varieties.

Cannabis Families and Their Characteristics

Indica Varieties

Indica cannabis varieties are famous for their relaxing effect, compact structure, and wide leaves. Ideal for indoor cultivation due to their short flowering period, the **feminized marijuana seeds** from this family are renowned for their therapeutic properties.

Sativa Varieties

Sativa cannabis is characterized by vigorous growth and a more stimulating and cerebral effect. Although they require a longer flowering period, these varieties reward with superior production and quality.

Germination and Seed Conservation Methods

Seed Germination

Germination is crucial for starting your cultivation. To germinate marijuana seeds, you only need kitchen paper, water, and a closed container. Keep a moist environment at a constant temperature to ensure success.

Seed Conservation

To preserve the viability of your seeds in the long term, store them in a cool, dark place. Both cheap marijuana seeds and high-end seeds require a controlled humidity environment to maintain their germination capacity.

Cultivation Techniques

Indoor Cultivation

Indoor cultivation allows for absolute control of the environment, resulting in high-quality and safe harvests. Indoor cultivation seeds are optimized to maximize yield in controlled environments.

Outdoor Cultivation

Outdoor cultivation is ideal for those who prefer a more natural approach. Outdoor marijuana seeds are designed to thrive outdoors, offering robust and resilient plants.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marijuana Seeds

  • What is the difference between feminized and autoflowering seeds?

    • Feminized seeds produce exclusively female plants, while autoflowering seeds flower automatically regardless of the light cycle.
  • How can I ensure successful germination of my seeds?

    • For successful germination, keep the seeds in a warm, humid place, ideally between 20-25ºC, and ensure the germination medium is always moist but not waterlogged.
  • What care should I take when storing my seeds?

    • Store the seeds in a cool, dark, and dry place. Humidity should be kept low to prevent mold and other issues that may affect their viability.


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