Regular Seeds

Regular marijuana seeds (male or female) for cultivation. In this category you can find all varieties of cannabis (not sexually defined above) available and sorted by Seed Bank. In this group you can buy some of the best commercial varieties of cannabis in the world. Regular marijuana seeds best seed banks: Serious Seeds Mr. Nice Seedbank Soma Seeds Sensi Seeds Spice of Life or others. In our selection of regular seeds are probably found the best seed banks in the world. Dutch seed banks, Canadian and Spanish as well as the best regions in the world.

Complete Guide to Regular Marijuana Seeds: Quality and Selection

Regular marijuana seeds represent a classic and essential option for expert growers and cannabis genetics enthusiasts. Known for their ability to produce both male and female plants, these seeds are highly valued for their genetic potential, allowing growers to develop new strains and maintain the plant's quality and natural resilience.

Why Choose Regular Seeds?

  • Genetic and Cultivation Advantages

Regular seeds offer a window into breeding and genetic selection, providing the opportunity to explore the vast potential of cannabis. Not being modified to express only female phenotypes, these seeds maintain a robustness and vigor often compromised in feminized seeds due to feminization processes.

  • Psychoactive and Aromatic Potential

Another notable aspect of regular seeds is their exceptional psychoactive potential and aromatic profile. Varieties derived from regular seeds tend to exhibit greater intensity and complexity in their effects and aromas, offering a richer and more nuanced experience for both consumers and growers alike.

Regular Seed Selection at Grow Shop SantYerbasi

At Growshop SantYerbasi, we are committed to offering a meticulous selection of regular cannabis seeds, sourced from globally recognized seed banks. This selection not only covers a wide range of genetics but also ensures a high germination rate and the possibility of discovering unique genetics for creating your own strains.

Featured Varieties

Among the diversity of seeds available, we highlight some such as Jack Herer Regular, the holy grail of cannabis breeding. There's no other indica-sativa hybrid quite like it; Wreckage TH Seeds regular seeds, the menthol flavor of O.G. TW and the spicy sandalwood flavor of S.A.G.E.® produce a flavor-packed sensation that numbs the tongue and will leave you whirling; Ed Rosenthal Super Bud regular seeds by Sensi Seeds, is gourmet ganja with guaranteed harvest potential; and Kali Mist regular seeds by Serious Seeds, has a very special flavor and a subtle cerebral effect that has earned it (hydro cup) and again with the new improved version in 2000 the Sativa Cup from Seed Banks

How to Grow Regular Seeds

Growing regular seeds involves a series of specific steps, from germination to selecting mother plants for future crops. Initially, it is recommended to germinate a larger number of seeds to be able to select the female plants, which will be the bud producers. During the flowering phase, the sex of the plants is identified, removing the males to prevent pollination and maximize the production of seedless flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between regular and feminized seeds?

Regular seeds can produce both male and female plants, while feminized seeds are genetically modified to produce exclusively female plants.

Can I create my own strains with regular seeds?

Yes, regular seeds are ideal for those looking to experiment with breeding and genetic selection, allowing for the development of new strains.

How do I identify the sex of cannabis plants?

The sex of cannabis plants can be identified during the flowering phase by observing the appearance of flowers (female) or pollen sacs (male).

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