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  5. Biozym biogreen

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Growing marijuana it is important to use fertilizers, and also growing and flowering bosters.

Growing boosters are used to promote formation of new shots, and sterms, as well as a strong and healthy structure.

In a similar way that growing boosters do, flowering boosters increase flowering formation and yielding.

In this Boosters category, you will find all growing boosters and flowering boosters for marijuana growth available at SantYerbasi Grow Shop.

Looking into stimulators for plants you will find organic boosters, non-organic boosters, and bio-mineral boosters (mix of organic with non-organic ones).

Boosters may be liquid or powder form, always very easy to use, and apply. Depending on the product dosage may vary, as well as the security time, between applitions and before harvest.

Santyerbasi recommends adding a growing booster to the mix used to feed your plants during vegetative phase, and bloom boosters during flowering phase.

The usage of boosters during growing and flowering phase, increases a lot the size of the plants, and the quality from the crop.