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Big Bud Powder is an advanced flowering stimulator that provides plants with an optimal combination of potassium and phosphorus, promoting vigorous bud growth. Its premium formulation and ease of application ensure ideal conditions for strengthening floral structures and enhancing crop yield. This technical powder, with its extraordinary solubility, stands out as the unparalleled choice for growers seeking exceptional and consistent results in their cannabis harvests.

Big Bud Powder from Advanced Nutrients: Innovation in Flowering Fertilizers for Extraordinary Harvests

In contrast to its liquid counterpart, Liquid Big Bud, Big Bud Powder from Advanced Nutrients distinguishes itself as a singular choice among flowering fertilizers. Meticulously designed for easy application and rapid water solubility, this powdered format excels as a highly effective fertilizer. Its primary purpose is to increase the weight of flowers/buds and ensure the integrity of your harvest while preventing phosphorus toxicity. This is achieved through its precise PK formulation (phosphorus and potassium).
The unique feature of Big Bud Powder lies in its ability to effortlessly blend and dissolve completely, thanks to an exclusive formula created by Advanced Nutrients specialists. This formulation includes the precise ratio of ascorbic acid, citric acid, the 20 amino acids in the L form, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It provides your plants with all 20 amino acids in their "L form," with an essential composition covering L-tryptophan, L-cysteine, L-glutamate, and L-glycine.
Flower production experiences a noticeable increase when plants receive the complete spectrum and proper forms of amino acids, the basic components of proteins, terpenoids, phenols, and alkaloids. With Big Bud Powder, your plants receive all the essential ingredients in the crucial flowering phase, achieving much more productive bud harvests in your crops.

Distinguishing Features When Using Big Bud Powder:

  • Easily mixable and completely soluble: Effortlessly dissolves in the nutrient solution, ensuring uncomplicated application.
  • Enhances the flavor, size, smell, and aroma of buds: Contributes to a comprehensive improvement in organoleptic characteristics, enhancing the sensory experience of your plants.
  • Provides compact and heavier fruits/flowers: Favors the development of dense buds and flowers, increasing their weight and quality.
  • Increases the production of ethereal oils: Stimulates resin production, improving their quality and potency.
  • Special composition of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and amino acids in the L form in the proper ratio: Contains a precise combination of essential nutrients for optimal floral development.
  • Contains ascorbic and citric acid to stimulate cellular respiration and enhance nutrient absorption: Incorporates elements that enhance cellular health and increase the absorption of essential nutrients.
  • Accelerates photosynthesis and increases metabolism: Boosts the photosynthetic process and activates metabolism, optimizing the efficiency of cannabis plant growth.
  • Versatility for all types of crops: Big Bud Powder has been carefully designed to adapt to a wide variety of hydroponic growing media and continuous fertilization systems, including aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, Ebb & Flow, and DWC.

Usage and Proper Dosing of Big Bud Powder:

  1. Weekly remixing of the nutrient solution: Ensure consistency by remixing the solution weekly to guarantee optimal nutrient availability.
  2. Use Big Bud Powder in coco substrate: In the specific case of coco substrate, it is recommended to apply the nutrient solution daily to meet the needs of the plants and maximize their development.
  3. Application during the 2nd to 5th week of the flowering phase: Administer the Big Bud Powder nutrient solution 2 to 4 times a week during the period between the second and fifth week of the flowering phase. Adjust the frequency according to the specific needs of your plants.
  4. Tips for applying the correct dose: For precise dosing, use a standard teaspoon. It's worth noting that one teaspoon of Big Bud Powder contains approximately 6g of the product.
  5. Ideal mixing ratio: Achieve optimal results by mixing 5g of Big Bud Powder per 10 liters of water. This ratio ensures a balanced distribution of nutrients to promote exceptional floral development.
  6. Expiration of the mixed nutrient solution: The prepared nutrient solution has a shelf life of approximately 7 days. Be sure to renew it within this timeframe to maintain the effectiveness of Big Bud Powder.

Big Bud Powder from Advanced Nutrients invites you to explore excellence in floral development and elevate your cultivation experience to higher levels.



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