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If you have doubts when buying feminized marijuana seeds, you can consult this information:

  1. What are feminized seeds and where do they come from?
  2. Why choose feminized seeds?
  3. Cultivation of feminized cannabis seeds
  4. How to germinate feminized marijuana seeds easily?

What are feminized seeds and where do they come from?

Definition of a feminized marijuana seed

You can imagine that the cannabis plant is not only female. In nature, the majority of flora develop both male and female organs to reproduce. In cannabis, like humans, a seed can become a male plant, developing small bags filled with pollen, or a female plant with its pistils. The latter is the one that is used for consumption because it is the one that produces all the cannabinoids. On the other hand, it is possible that the plant becomes hermaphroditic, possessing both sexes, but we will see this point later.
The first marijuana growers were therefore faced with this chance of nature and had to carefully select their plants during flowering so as not to risk pollinating their female flowers and ending up with seeds that were unsuitable for consumption (the taste of a burnt seed is quite unpleasant and spoils this privileged moment). This weed lottery sometimes caused them to lose half of their production... Until feminized seeds were created.

Creation of feminized seeds

It was in the 90s that various methods of feminizing cannabis seeds appeared. The use of certain forms of silver or gibberellic acid results in the seeds developed having only XX chromosomes, therefore female. This guarantees a 99% chance of developing female marijuana plants. However, some crosses are unstable and will produce plants called hermaphrodites. They develop both pistils and pollen sacs. It takes a number of tests and back-crossings to get the stability of a plant, so that it produces uniform plants and with a very limited risk of hermaphroditism.
With the acceleration of new crosses and the growing number of banks, and therefore competition, some breeders no longer take the time to stabilize their novelties and launch them on the market anyway. It becomes difficult to have reliable sources, to avoid this at the time of purchase, it is especially necessary to move towards banks whose reputation precedes them.

Why choose feminized seeds?

What are the differences between regular and feminized seeds?

Regular seeds are "natural" cannabis seeds. As we said, in nature any plant will seek to reproduce and will therefore have the two reproductive organs nearby. In cannabis, a plant can be entirely male or female. This kind of lottery has its advantage when the grower is looking to cross and produce seeds, but in terms of flower production he runs the risk of losing half, sometimes more, of these specimens at flowering time (he will have to remove male plants to prevent females from being pollinated).
You are probably thinking that regular seeds are therefore of little interest unless you are a breeder. Think again, the other advantage of regular seeds is to offer greater genetic stability when selecting mother plants for growers who use the cuttings in their crops. Indeed, because they have been modified, the phenotypes of the female plants are more difficult to standardize and are more sensitive to the various stresses of the culture. Remember that a stressed plant can develop seeds, and therefore become a hermaphrodite, in a surge of survival... This is why some growers start from regular seeds, even if the male plants have to be sacrificed (we know that it's a heartbreaker!).

Comparison of feminized seeds with autoflowering

Now let's move on to autoflowering seeds. In the early 2000s, the new challenge for seed banks was to shorten the cycle of plants as much as possible. They used the cannabis plant Ruderalis for this. It comes from the least hot regions and has the particularity of flowering in 2 to 4 weeks regardless of day and night time. This means that it grows at any time of the year. This is going to be the first advantage of auto seeds. However, the THC level of Ruderalis is often very low. By crossing this species with a photo-dependent plant, we obtain autoflowering seeds that will both be quick to harvest and possess the characteristics of the varieties that are consumed. The beginnings of this type of seeds were mixed, the results remained lower than those of traditional marijuana plants.
This is without counting on the perseverance of certain seed banks which have developed so-called XL genetics in recent years, the yield of which has increased. Their goal is to retain all the characteristics of photoperiod plants - flavor and aroma, flower production, high, etc. - in a stronger, faster plant. Autoflowering strains are perfect for beginners for their ease of cultivation, and the more seasoned can benefit from a greater number of crops per year, including outdoors. Indeed, plants in the normal cycle can only be planted in the spring to be harvested in the fall if you are growing outdoors. It is also impossible to control the height of an auto, since its growth time is not determined by the grower. It is therefore not necessarily suitable for spaces limited by a low ceiling. Although they've come a long way, auto strains aren't quite up to the task of feminized seeds yet.

Cultivation of feminized cannabis seeds

How to germinate feminized seeds?

The germination process is a delicate moment. We'll walk you through our technique:

  1. First, take a soup plate, preferably.
  2. Place a few sheets of paper towel on the plate and soak them in lukewarm water.
  3. Place your seeds on the paper, spacing them about 2cm apart.
  4. Cover them with another layer of absorbent paper that you will soak again with lukewarm water.
  5. The first root generally appears in 24-48 hours, remember to regularly moisten your paper towel until then (it must not dry out completely).
  6. When the seeds are germinated, place them delicately in your pot - final or intermediate - about 2cm below the substrate, or in clods of earth/rock wool according to your cultivation technique.

Cultivation time of a feminized seed

To grow feminized seeds in the best conditions, the ideal temperature is 21°C and humidity of 70% during the growth phase and 40-50% during flowering, as well as during drying to avoid mold problems.
The full cycle time varies between 6-7 weeks, usually for indica or indica-dominant strains, and up to 12-13 weeks, which often happens with more sativa genetics. Indoors, the growth time, unlike autoflowering seeds as we explained, is determined by the grower who will have to modify the lighting time of his crop from 18 hours of light to 12 hours. This phase can vary from 2 weeks to more than a month. A simple cue to know when to make this change is when your plants reach about halfway to their desired final height. Indeed, when the lighting time changes and before flowering, they will first accelerate their vertical growth, which is called stretch. You have to take this phenomenon into account, especially if you are limited in height in your growing space.

Conclusion on growing feminized marijuana seeds

At SantYerbasi we offer a very wide choice of seeds from the best banks. We have always had the concern to offer the greatest choice to growers so that everyone can find what they are looking for. Our catalog of feminized seeds is very complete. Whether you're looking for the biggest yield, the best flavor, or a quirky aesthetic, your go-to genetics are bound to be on our list! You can of course also find regular or autoflowering seeds here if you have a preference for these types of cannabis seeds. The majority of growers, especially beginners, only cultivate from feminized seeds, which is why their presence in the market is huge and in terms of pure flower production they are the best option. Now you know everything about feminized marijuana seeds!

Sale of Feminized seeds in Santyerbasi.

In Feminized marijuana seeds category, growers will find all possibilities available from seed. As this is a huge section we filled the category filtering by seedbanks. Growers are able to choose different kind of genetics and strains. Mostly indica strains, mostly sativa strains and also Autoflowering strains. Depending on the seedbank, customer may be able to choose between seedpacks of 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 15, 16, 25 and 100 seeds. Prices may vary between strains, seedbanks and quantities bought. In this Store we only sell seeds on its original seedpacks.

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