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Quasar marijuana strain, by Buddha Seeds, is another NON-AUTOFLOWERING hybrid, that groups the best of a pure indica, with a sativa. Quasar has a huge vigourosity growth, indoors and outdoors, getting great yields per crop. Quasar produces a strong euphoric effect.

Quasar, which comes from a pure indica and a backcrossed sativa, unifies the best of both strains into a choice hybrid.

Highly vigorous growth that reduces indoor cultivation timing; it also yields radiant outdoor plants. It has a powerful structure that easily stands the weight of several buds, hard and compact to the point they seem pressed.

Astonishing potency, strong effect with a hard disposition to euphoria without nervousness.

With Quasar a perfect balance between indica & sativa has been achieved, it will surely satisfy sybarites for its quality as well as comercial growers for its quantity.

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