Fast Flowering Seeds

Fast Flowering Seeds: The Smart Choice for Cultivators

The Fast Version seeds are revolutionizing the world of cannabis cultivation, offering an agile and efficient solution for those who wish to optimize their harvests.

These seeds, also known as Fast Flowering, Quick, Early Version, or simply fast, are the result of a meticulous selection and genetic crossing process, aiming to combine the best qualities of photodependent and autoflowering seeds.

Fast Version Seeds Quick

What is a Fast Version Seed?

A Fast Version seed is a photodependent variety that has a significantly reduced flowering period.

This type of seed is obtained from the crossing between a photodependent feminized seed and an autoflowering seed, thus achieving a feminized seed with a shortened flowering cycle.

The genetic influence of the autoflowering seed is crucial in this process, as it allows reducing the total time of the flowering cycle.

As a result, a strain that retains the desirable characteristics of the seasonal parent is obtained, but with a shorter cultivation period.

The Fast Version is ideal for guerrilla crops or in regions where climatic conditions can be adverse.

Its reduced flowering cycle allows cultivators to avoid the drawbacks of early rains or storms at the end of summer or the beginning of autumn, thus protecting the harvest from potential damage.

How Long Does a Fast Version Take?

The cultivation time of a Fast Version is undoubtedly one of its most attractive features. Unlike traditional varieties that usually mature between September and October, Fast Versions can be ready for harvest 2 to 4 weeks earlier.

This advance in maturation not only means a faster harvest but also greater safety for the plants, by avoiding the inclement weather that usually occurs towards the end of the growing season.

In summary, Fast Version seeds represent a significant innovation in the field of cannabis cultivation.

Their speed, along with the ability to maintain the organoleptic properties of the original plants, makes them a preferred option for both novice and expert cultivators.

Choosing a Fast Version is a smart decision for those looking to optimize their crops, making the most of each season and ensuring high-quality harvests in a reduced time.


Frequently Asked Questions about Fast Version Seeds

1. What exactly are Fast Version Seeds?

   - Fast Version Seeds are photodependent cannabis varieties with a shortened flowering cycle, resulting from the cross between photodependent feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds.

2. How long do Fast Version Seeds take to flower?

   - Fast Version Seeds are usually ready for harvest 2 to 4 weeks before traditional varieties, accelerating the flowering process.

3. Are Fast Version Seeds suitable for beginners?

   - Yes, their shortened cultivation cycle and resistance to adverse climatic conditions make them ideal for both novice and expert cultivators.

4. What advantages do Fast Version Seeds offer compared to other varieties?

   - The main advantages include a faster flowering cycle, adaptability to unstable climates, and the ability to avoid issues associated with end-of-season rains.

5. Can I cultivate Fast Version Seeds indoors?

   - Yes, these seeds adapt well to both indoor and outdoor environments, offering flexibility in the cultivation method.

6. How does the climate affect the cultivation of Fast Version Seeds?

   - Although they are resistant to unstable climates, optimal conditions of light, temperature, and humidity can significantly improve their performance and quality.

7. Where can I buy high-quality Fast Version Seeds?

   - You can purchase them from specialized stores or GrowShops like SantYerbasi, where you will find a wide variety of high-quality and genetically proven Fast Version seeds.

We hope these answers help you better understand Fast Version Seeds and make informed decisions for your cultivation.

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