Substrates for Growth

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In substrates for cannabis growth you can find all different substrates for cannabis growing, indoors and outdoors. The substrate is one of the key points when growing, as plants will grow in it, so it is recommended to use a top quality growing medium. In this category you may find soil, coco, clay, and rockwhool, besides other amendments to improve your substrate, and also some susbtrates for clonning or rooting cuttings.


If you use the available filters you can filter your results by type of substrate, besides the amount of nutrients contained, existing heavy prefertilized soils, medium prefertilized, and soft prefertilized mediums (specially thought for early stages of plants). You can choose between the best brands available in 20 liter bags, 50 liter bags, or even in dried brick-form.

All the existing soils you may find here are an studied blend specifically developed for growing cannabis indoors and outdoors (for any stage of growth).


Coco coir is an inhert material, obtained from coco processing. Coco fiber is formed by a mass of threads that envolves coco in its natural form. It's been demonstrated that coco fiber is a valid growing medium itself, and also as a complement to mix with other substrates. Substrates with higher amounts of coco will give hold more water, being more spongy, and airy. Used as growing medium, coco fiber should be fertilized from the first irrigation (as it is an inhert substrate, does not contain nutrients). In this category you can find pressed and dried coco fiber in brick-form, or in 50 liter bags. Choose between different brands of the coco fiber like: Biobizz, Plagron or Canna.


In hydroponic substrates you will find all substrates thought for hydroponic and aeroponic systems. Growing systems with a constant flow of nutrient solution like hydroponics and aeroponics, are an extended method in agriculture to help saving water consumption. Hydroponic systems are based in a constant water flow that feeds plant's roots. Plants develope in an oxygenated growing medium, thanks to a constant water flow between clay pebbles. you can choose between best specialized brands available like Canna and Plagron, purchase your pebbles in 10 liter bags or 45l-50l bags. We also wanted to include in this category the rockwhool slabs to simplify the searches. In hydroponic systems, rockwhool is a recurrent growing medium for early stages of plants (also used for clonning).

Substrate amendments

Nowadays it is easy to purchase perfectly balanced substrates. Even though, sometimes it could be interesting to improve some specs of them to grow cannabis. These improvements could be to get a more spongy substrate, to hold more water, etc. In this category you will find products that improve your plant's performance during the whole cycle. In additives for substrate we grouped all products specifically developed to improve your substrate.

Clonning and cuttings

To keep a healthy mother plant (and take cuttings from it) is an advanced technique used by many growers, specially indoors. Keeping your mother-plants healthy guarantees those tastes and flavors enjoyed, and the worths the efford to keep those plants alive. In clonning and cutting substrates we grouped those substrates for cuttings available at SantYerbasi Grow Shop. Here you will find all substrates and tools for clonning.

Jiffys (pressed peat): For cutting that will be grown in soil or coco.

Rockwhool: For cuttings that will be grown in hydroponic systems.

Combined mediums: Substrates specially designed for clonning (no matter if grown in soil, coco or in hydroponic systems).

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