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In this category cannabis Nutrients you will find the best fertilizers and boosters for cannabis growing indoors and outdoors.

Types of fertilizers for cannabis

Cannabis is a plant that has two main stages of growth: Vegetative stage and flowering stage. While growing nutrients are usually rich in Nitrogen (most demanded element during vegetative stage), fertilizers for flowering stage are ususally higher on Phosphorus and Potassium (a must have minerales in order to get heavier yields, higher density and weight of flowers, besides more resin production).

In this section you will fin the best nutrients for growing and flowering stage, classified by type of nutrient. You can use filters to only view those nutrients you are looking for.

Types of boosters for cannabis

As it happens with fertilizers, boosters and enhancers are also classified by its function. This way you can buy grow boosters, and bloom boosters.

Unlike nutrients, that are mainly food for your plants, stimulators accomplish specific functions that enhance that commitment in plants. This way you can purchase root boosters, grow boosters, bloom enhancers and flowering boosters.

In this ssection you can also find boosters that can be used along the whole stages of growth (growing and flowering).

Benefits of using fertilizers for growth

Fertilizers are a source of essential minerals to get best performance from plants. Being cannabis a plant with a heavy nutrient consumption, it is easy for them to exhaust the amount contained in substrate (no matter how prefertilize it is).

The use of good fertilizers for growing stage not only helps improving plant's size (what derives in bette yields) it also helps prevent against pests, as healthier plants are usually stronger than weak plants.

The same way, the use of flowering fertilizers will enhance higher amounts of flowers, with a bigger size, denser and with more resin production.

Risks when using fertilizers

The use of fertilizers and boosters also has a risk, as these must be used in a precise dose and moment. Plants consume different amounts of nutrients depending on its growing stage and size, so if you don't want to suffer from nutrient-lock it is essential to use the proper amount of each one, and choose the right moment to feed them with.

Organic nutrients and mineral nutrients

Fertilizers are usually classified by its origin or manufacturing origin. Those fertilizers derived from natural compounds and processes are called organic, while those got from chemical compounts and processes are frequently called minerals.

In general, growers have the believe that mineral fertilizers help increasing the yield when compared with organic (or biological), even though this is not 100% right. Our experience demonstrates that if we source plants with what they need, in the amounts needed, the final yields of the crop will not only be the same it could be even higher (because plants love organic compounds found in organic nutrients).

Fertilizers for autoflowering plants

Autoflowering strains are known by its quick developement, and short life (almost 3 months from germination to harvest). You can find in market some brands that like to label their products as specific for autoflowering feeding. At SantYerbasi we consider that those products have no sense, as autoflowering plants demand the same kind of nutrients as other cannabis strains. Autoflowering plants don't need an specific nutrient, they just need the right amount at the right moment, so if you are growing other strains, you can feel comfortable and use the same nutrients for both type of plants, just remember to adjust the dose to the type of plant so you cover each specific needings.

At SantYerbasi you can purchae all type of fertilizers and boosters for cannabis growing, also for autoflowering strains. If you have any doubt about products, or recommended dose to use, do not hesitate to ask us and we'll be pleased to help.

Best fertilizer and booster brands for cannabis

Here you will only find the best brands of nutrients and boosters for cannabis growing. In this section you will find different brands, with all their products grouped in each category.

Canadian brands like Remo Nutrients, NPK Industries Raw Solubles, Advanced Nutrients or Grotek. American brands like Elite 91 or General Hydroponics. European brands like Biobizz, Canna, Plagron, Hypro, Hesi, Metrop, Biogreen, BAC, Biotabs, Aptus...

Check out the largest catalogue available in our site with all brands and options available, with sizes from 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 4L, 5L, 10L or even 20 liters in some products.

Cannabis defficiency solvers

Along cannabis growing cycle it may occure that some strains demand higher amounts of some elements, so a lack of a certain element is found (shown if symptoms in leaves). If you are sure what's the lack your plant has, you can purchase a specific defficiency solver to add it to your feeding chart.

Marihuana pH correctors

Check the pH of your nutrient solution before watering plants is essential to keep plants healthy, and get higher benefits form them. It is important to check the pH of water before irrigation, and adjust it when necessary to each growing stage. During growing stage it is recommended a pH between 5,8-6,0 and during flowering stage it is better to use a pH between 6,0-6,2.

If you have measured the pH of your nutrient solution (once all nutrients and booster are dilluted in) and values are higher or lower that desired, then it's time to use a pH corrector. Here you can buy pH Up and pH Down correctors from best brands, besides mineral pH correctors and organic pH correctors.

Complete Nutrient packs discount at best prices

If you are looking for a complete set of nutrients and boosters that includes everything necessary to grow then we aim you to check our complete packs category where you will find all organic packs and mineral packs for growing.

Take advantage of discounts and save buying a complete feeding pack. These feeding packs are available from the most begginer pack to the most professional set of nutrients.

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