Biobizz for cannabis cultivation

BIOBIZZ is one of the most prestigious companies among the best cannabis fertilizer brands in the world.  Biobizz specializes in the production and export of organic fertilizers for the cultivation of marijuana plants, marking a before and after in the supply of fertilizers and striving every day to innovate and search for the best organic fertilizers  for culture.

As a fertilizer brand, it appeared on the cannabis market in 1992 in Goningen, the Netherlands.  With more than 20 years of experience in the development of fertilizers, Biobizz has managed to fascinate many cannabis growers with its products for the development of fertilizers and substrates.

The best floral productions, nourished thanks to the nutritional formulas of Biobizz, meet the objective of improving the growth, flowering and production of cultivated cannabis plants.  Don't waste time and make the most of your plants with BioBizz!

Fertilizers that facilitate and improve the plants of growers around the world.

At Biobizz you can find very prestigious fertilizers at affordable prices.  Biobizz fertilizers cover all the vital states of plants, covering the periods of germination, growth, flowering and harvesting of flowers or buds in an ecological and natural way, since all its products are organic.  In the Santyerbasi fertilizers and fertilizers catalog you will find:

Biobizz organic fertilizers

Biobizz produces 100% organic fertilizers and stimulators for growing organic cannabis.  The wide range of products covers all plant needs.  Among its best-known products are growth fertilizers such as Bio Grow or based on fish humus such as Fish Mix, as well as Bio Bloom, one of the most complete flowering fertilizers.

Biobizz Biological Stimulators

We can buy root stimulators such as Root Juice, which is responsible for improving the growth of the root system, or flowering stimulators such as Top Max, which increases the production and density of flowers, as well as their production  of resin.

Growth and flowering activators Biobizz

Among the Biobizz product range we also find products that improve the rate of growth and flowering, providing vitamins or humic and fulvic acids, such as BioHeaven, ActiVera or AlgaMic.

Biobizz against pests

This manufacturer also offers us a unique product for the control, prevention and extermination of pests such as Leaf Coat, a perfect mixture so that your plants are free of pests.

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