Returns & Guarantees at SantYerbasi Grow Shop


Guarantees of shipments at SantYerbasi Grow Shop


If whenever occur a case where there is an error in an order, customer has 72 hours to notify the claim. Once this time has finished, santYerbasi understands that delivery has been correct.

SantYerbasi Grow Shop can not asume the responsability of deelays caused by custom services in those country ho recieve or transfer the package.

If any issue occurs, and the shipment delivery time couldn't be possible, SantYerbasi Grow Shop will send user an email explaining what are the causes of the deelay, and offering alternatives for the customer if are possible.

SantYerbasi Grow Shop does no ship to postal office boxes. is not responsible in any case of shipments confiscated by custom authorities or similar entities. Client is responsible of informing about laws on each country and act agree with them. SantYerbasi Grow Shop is not responsible of ilegal uses that third could do with products purchased in this site.


Returns to SantYerbasi Grow Shop


  • Use could make a return of acquired products at SantYerbasi Grow Store in a maximu of 14 days after recieving the goods, sending an email to:
  • In 48h maximum user will recieve instructions to make effective the return.
  • SantYerbasi would like to remember all its customers that returns should be accompanied with pro-forma, purchase ticket or invoice. International shipment's returns should add also the locator code assigned by transport company.
  • SantYerbasi won't accept returns of articles that may suffered flaws on itsoriginal  package, or that may be manipulated or modified by customers.
  • Claims of non germinated seeds will be accepted, as long as Seed bank accepts its return or substitution, and we recieve properly cumplimented its return form.
  • SantYerbasi will not take care of hermaphrodite plants due to impossibility to know if the origin of that hermaphroditism was caused by growth conditions, alteratios cause by grower or genetic causes.
  • Second returns won't be accepted.
  • SantYerbasi will not take care of claims after 3 onths since purchase date.
  • Free seeds included in shippments won't be accepted in return.
  • Claims of seed for a lower quantity or equal to 30% of the seedpack content won't be a accepted.
  • All claims to Santyerbasi Grow Shop will be taken with preferential treatment, to try solution the issue in the quickest way possible.


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