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BIOBIZZ BIO PH is an organic pH regulator solution, produced within organic sourced acids. BIO PH+ and BIO PH- by Biobizz are the solution for organic growers who don't want to add sinthetic ph regulators in their nutrient solution. Bio PH+ and Bio PH- do not harm micro organisms in substrate thank its natural source, in addition to help increasing nutrient uptake of plants.

Bio PH de Biobizz  is a water solution designed to meet organic farming standards. While BIO pH- is formuled with citric acid found in natural form in citric fruits like lemons, BIO pH`+ is formuled from humic acids got from natural sources.

Thanks to Biobizz Bio PH+ and Biobizz Bio PH- now we can adjust the ph of the nutrient solution, getting our plants to uptake higher amounts of nutrients in less time. The solution BIO PH can be used in all growing mediums, without any fear of harming micro organisms in substrate, matching perfectly with any nutrient and booster from Biobizz.

BIO PH can be used along all stages of growth (vegetative stage and flowering stage).

To adjust pH of the nutrient solution it is recommended to start with RO water, add nutrients and boosters needed for the certain stage of growth, mix the solution, and proceed to add 0,1 ml/L of BIO PH (+ or - depending on needings). Once added mix again and check the pH of the solution. In case of needing add more BIO PH to adjust the values to desired.

Recommended values for nutrient solution:

  • Vegetative stage: 5,8-6,0.
  • Bloom stage: 6,0-6,2.

Biobizz Bio PH

  • Type Ogranic solution for pH adjustment.
  • Function: Ph up and Ph down.
  • Use: Along all stages of plants to adjust ph of the nutrient solution.
  • Dose: Add 0,1 ml/L of BIO PH+ or BIO PH- depending on the ph desired.
  • Application: Once the desired nutrients and boosters are added, mix and proceed to check the pH value. In case of too high pH add BIO PH-. In case of too low pH add BIO PH+.

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  1. Daniel Cho asks Jul 22, 2020

    It looks like I can’t choose the pH down option to add it to the cart. Is there anyway to do so?

    1. Edu SantYerbasi answers Jul 22, 2020

      Hello Daniel,
      It is solved now.
      Thank you for reporting this issue.

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