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Origin of Bio Green nutrients

Since 1985 Bio Green has worked in production and developing biological organic fertilizers.

With almost 30 years experience in growing field, in Dutch market, they sell an organic product with high quality and highly concentrated. Biogreen fertilizers and boosters for cannabis are in gel format, with a dose between 0,5 and 1 ml per liter of water.

BioGreen also has the more extense line of nutrients and substrates in Europe, with many different soils, coco and rockwhool.

Catalogue of BioGreen products

Bio Green is a company that not only sells nutrients and substrates. It also produces their own strategy of investigation and developement, whithin an own specialized department. Bio-green is constantly testing and developing new products, and already existing ones.

So, during these years, they have developed a wide spectrum of top quality products like fertilizers and stimulators for plants, growing medium and more.

In between a wide catalogue of Biogreen prodycts, we can fin grow fertilizers and bloom fertilizers, grow stimulators and flowering boosters, besides bloom enhancers, enzyms, pH buffers and CO2 tabs.

Biogreen fertilizers for growing and flowering cannabis

Bio Green is a fertilizer manufacturer that has developed own formulas to provide plants of all needed nutrients for a healthy and vigorous growth and bloom.

In addition to their formulas rich in macro and micro nutrients, it is important to highlight the high concentration of the products, that allows growers to prepare more liters of nutrient solution with lower amounts of product.

In the case of nutrients and fertilizers Bio Green you can purchase growing nutrients like Bio 1 Grow, or flowering fertilizer like Bio 2 Bloom, in formats of 250ml, 1L, 5L or even large sizes for big gardens.

Roots, flower stimulators and resin enhancers

To get the highest yields per crop it is important to use a good fertilizers, but also some stimulators to work together with it to improve results.

In this case Bio Green sells not only stimulators for specific processes of each stage of the growing cycle, it also grow enhancers, flowering ones and even nutrients to increase resin production.

Products to stimulate root growth like X-Rooting, or flower formation like X-Bloom, are so usefull to improve performance of plants indoors and outdoors.

You also have resin enhancers like PK 13-14 that increase resin production and size with a supplement of phosphorus and potassium.

Solve Calcium and Magnesium defficiency

Biogreen sets available for growers Calgel, a 2-in-1 product that takes care of preventing and solving any lack of Calcium and Magnesium in plants. Calcium and Magnesium are grouped inside essential nutrients for a good developement, so they are highly important to get better yields per crop.

Calgel by Biogreen is a product with a unique formula that brings in Calcium and Magnesiun needed for a proper developement of plants in a balanced way.

Bio Green nutrients to keep motherplants and cuttings

You can also find specific nutrients to keep motherplants and clones like MAM (fomuled specifically for plants that will stay long periods in vegetative stage).

These type of nutrient contains a specific formula, studied to provide your motherplants those nutrients highly consumed to keep plants shinny and ready to produce the higher amount of cuttings possible. MAM no only sources plants with the needed nutrients, it also enhances a quick and vigorous growth, to be able to produce more clones in less time.

Adjust pH of nutrient solution with Bio Green

When growing cannabis it is very important to adjust pH values of the nutrient solution to ease the uptake of nutrients. This way plants can uptake higher amounts of nutrients and faster, what derives in a quicker growth and abondant bloom.

To modify the pH of your nutrient solution you can use Bio Green Ph+ and Ph-, two acids that will take care of rising or lowering the pH levels of water. Remember to always check the pH of water once all products are added.

If you notice that pH should be adjusted add pH+ or pH- to leave the pH in the optimal value for that certain stage of the growing cycle.

How to solve overfeeding problems with enzyms

Biozym is a product formuled with enzyms, that tae care of breaking down the nutrients in substrate to free plants from overfeeding. The use of enzyms in every irrigation promotes a proper nutrient uptake, besides prveenting any possible lockdown of nutients in growing medium.

At SantYerbasi we aim growers to use enzyms in their gardens, specially when working with reused growing mediums like coco or clay.

If you are not using enzyms in every irrigation but you have detected your plants are suffering from overfeeding, you can apply BIozym to your plants once or twice to solve the problem.

CO2 tablets to increase nutrient uptake

At Biogreen they work all aspects that take part for a maximum developement of plants. In the case of CO2 tablets are effervescent pills soluble in water, that do not affect EC of nutrient solution, but get to increase nutrient uptake capacity.

Prevent calcium and magnesium lack in substrates

If you are going to reuse the growing medium, or you know your substrate has a lack of calcium and magnesium, Bio Green Lime+ is a great choice in powder form, that you should mix with the substrate to bring the needed calcium and magnesium before proceeding to plant your seedlings or cuttings. If the lack persists, you can also apply the product in the surface of the growing medium.

Biogreen Greenbox: A Complete set of nutrients and boosters

Biogreen now sells Bio Green Greenbox, a complete set of fertilizers, boosters and stimulators for indoor and outdoor growing.

This Greenbox includes all needed products (in 250ml size) so you can get best performance off your plants.

How to use Bio-Green products. Feed chart and grow schedule

At Bio Green they are 1''% concious that their products are top quality, so they like to explain all growers how to use them to get major benefits.

With this purpose the designed a grow schedule for nutrients and boosters in which the explain the dose needed of each product (in ml/L) to prepare your NS. This weekly growing manual, is really helpful to get higher quality crop, without the fear fo committing errors when adding products.

Check the grow schedule of BioGreen fertilizers checking it in any of their products in our site. You can find the grow schedule in image format, and also in attached document so you can download it and stick it to a wall in your garden.

Bio Green nutrients final reviews and price

The first we can tell you about Bio Green fertilizers and boosters is these are highly concentrated products, so in many case it will only be needed to purchase the 250ml size. Specially if you just want to test these products before deciding to use them in your whole garden.

Our experience when using BioGreen Products is that high concentrations makes so easy and discreet the transport (in many cases the difference in volume is changing a 5L can for a 1L bottle).

Related to the results got in our own garden we can asure you that in terms of quality and quantity the results are satisfactory, leaving a more than good feeling about its ease of use and good dissoulution capacity in water.

Maybe the only against is relation to this high concentration of products, that makes a bit difficult to dose them when preparing a small amount of nutrient solution (nothing impossible to solve just preparing a slightly higher amount than needed).

About BioGreen products' price we really think it is so cheap, specially for the good ratio ml/L of dose and the price of the bottle. We also detected another benefit in the use of these products, also related with high concentration of them, as they are much more discreet to carry from the store to the garden.

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  1. Bio 1 Grow

    BioGreen Bio 1 Grow is a high-quality fertilizer, that contains macro and micro nutrients, required for growth and early stage of bloom, in any substrate. Bio1 Grow is a growing fertilizer for cannabis, highly concentrated, available in 250ml, 1l, 5l, and 10l sizes. [...]

    Starting at: €10.81

  2. Bio 2 Bloom

    Bio 2 Bloom is the organic flowering fertilizer from BioGreen. It contains all the micro and macro nutrients that plants need at this stage of development and adapts to any type of crop. [...]

    Starting at: €10.81

  3. CalGel

    CalGel is a completely soluble liquid fertilizer containing 22.5% of calcium, and balanced amount of micro-elements. Calgel has been formulated specifically as a fast absorbing nutrition for flowering plants, as well as for all fruit and vegetable crops. It increases the strenght of the plant and improves its colour and taste. Calgel should be added to plant's feeding during the whole cycle 1-2 times per week. [...]

    Starting at: €11.69

  4. X-Bloom

    BioGreen X-Bloom is a bloom booster for marijuana. X Bloom is a high quality supplement taht contains all types of amino acids and vitamines needed for an explosive top flower production in any media. The X-Bloom flowering stimulator with multiply the quantity of flowers, increasing the resin production, and bud's density too. [...]

    Starting at: €11.77

  5. X-Rooting

    BioGreen X-Rooting is a cannabis root stimulator. The X-Rooting booster acts over the root system of plants multiplying the root mass production, and the nutrient absortion. X Rooting from Bio green is formuled with bacillus subtilis, humic acid, fulvic acid, vitamines and salicylic acid. X-Rooting stimulator is suitable against stress and for plants that have been subjected to adverse contions. [...]

    Starting at: €11.69

  6. MAM

    MAM fertilizer from BioGreen, is a high-quality nutrient that contains all required macro and micro elements. BioGreen's MAM is specially formuled for mother plants from wich oftenly cuttings are made. The usage of MAM in mother plants assure increased nutritional reserves in cuttings. [...]

    Starting at: €12.90

  7. Biozym

    BioGreen Biozym are high-quality enzymes with promote wate products breakdown processes, and restores the soil structure. Biozym enzymes are specially developed for marijuana growing, and are high concentrated. Adding as additive Biozym will help plant to become healthier, and improves nutrient absortion. Biozym is suitable for soil, coco, and hydroponic systems. [...]

    Starting at: €10.80

  8. Ph BioGreen

    BioGreen pH correctors are used to moddify pH of the nutrient solution. With BioGreen Ph+ you can rise the pH of the water, while with BioGreen pH- you will decrease the pH of the water solution. Biogreen offers two different products to low the pH value (depending on the stage of the cycle the plants are): Ph- Grow and Ph- Bloom. [...]

    Starting at: €8.10

  9. PK 13-14

    BioGreen Pk 13-14 is a fertilizer formuled from Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). The usage of PK 13/14 in marijuana growth helps formation of more flowers and fortification of fruits. PK 13 14 increases resin production of marijuana plants. PK 13-14 cannabis fertilizer includes also in its formula c blend of micro-nutrients for an explosive flowering. [...]

    Starting at: €7.92

  10. Flower Boost

    Biogreen Flower Boost is a nutrient suplement for cannabis flowering. Flower Boost is bloom stimulator that acts as booster for marijuana growth. Bio Green Flower Boost, with a composition of NPK 0-39-25, gets an explosive marijuana flowering and huge buds. [...]

    Starting at: €3.60

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