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Bio Flores is an organic fertilizer for flowering stage, that sources plants with all needed nutrients to increase yields, get more flowers, density and increase reasin production. BioFlores is grouped inside Biocanna products, in which you will only find organic fertilizers and boosters. The use of Bio Flores during bloom phase increases final yields and quality of your crop.


¿What's the Canna Bio Flores fertilizer?

Bio Flores by Cannabis an organic fertilizer produced to add to irrigation during the flowering stage of plants. Canna Bio Flower has been formuled only with organic origin elements (biological), what asures not only a higher quality product but also more healthy for you, your plants and enviroment.

BioFlores contains hop extract that brings many of the needed minerals in proper proportions for an excellent flowering.

The hop extract contains besides these minerals, similar substances to cannabinoid lupulina, lupulon and humulon that source plants with extra growth strength.

¿Benefits of using Biocanna BioFlores nutrient?

BioFlores  is a bloom fertilizer for plants that must be added to daily irrigation (at least 2-3 times per week). Bio Flores is crucial to increase flower production of plants, the size and density of buds, in addition to resin production.

Adding Bio Flores to your nutrient solution you are increasing plant's performance (that will level up their limits) turning into a more abondant crop, of higher quality, taste and flavor.

¿How to use Bio Flores? Dose and application

Bio Flores is a liquid organic fertilizer that must be dilluted in water in a maximum dose of 40 ml/10L (4 ml/L).

Although it's true that maximum dose is what you should use during last stages of bloom (when the nutrient consumption is higher), it is important to dose the product during first weeks of flowering stage.

Our advise once plants have started to flower is add Bio Flores in a dose of 1 ml/L. Weekly increase the dose until reaching the maximum recommended by Canna (4 ml/L).

Longer explanation of how to use Bio Flores:

Let's imagine today is monday, and your plants already started to flower. You should add to water 1 ml/L of Bio Flores every time you water your plants this first week.

Next week you should increase the dose of Bio Flores up to 2 ml/L every time you water your plants during the week.

The following week increase the dose of Bio Flores up to 3 ml/L every time you water your plabts during the week.

The following week increase the dose of Bio Flores up to 4 ml/L (maximum recommended by manufacturer) every time you water your plants.

Arrived to this maximum dose you should keep this dose in every irrigation until arriving to flushing period (where you should remove from nutrient solution all nutrients and boosters you've been using).

*It is mandatory to only prepare the amount of solution that will be used to water your plants. 24 hours after preparing the blend this must be discarted

*Also remember to check the EC of your nutrient solution before watering plants. Even though this product is organic, some strains might need different dose depending on the week and developement.

Increase yields in flowering adding Bio Boost

Bio Flores is an organic bloom fertilizer that increases final yields per crop notoriously, but the use of it together with a bio stimulant like Bio Boost can enhance the final yields even more.

Bio Boost acts not only as a bloom booster, it also accelrates processes, what turns into plants that develope their flowers quickly deriving in a higher yields.

If you want to increase your yields, add Bio Boost to your nutrient solution. The use of Bio Flores, Bio Boost and Bio Vega (the use of Bio Vega during flowering stage helps plants to stay green) assures higher yields, with larger flowers, more dense and resin coated.

Canna Bio Flores characteristics

  • Type: Organic fertilizer.
  • For: Flowering stage of plants.
  • Use: Add to solution every time you water your plants until 15 days before harvest.
  • Dose: 1-4 ml/L.

Composition of Canna Bio Flores bloom fertilizer

  • Bio Flores guarantees an NPK of 2-2-5, what means:
  • 2,3% Nitrogen.
  • 1,8% Phosphate Oxide (soluble in water).
  • 5% Potassium Oxide (soluble in water).

Thanks to this organic composition, it is not necessary to check pH of nutrient solution.

Opiniones finales de Bio Flores y su precio

Canna (in this case Biocanna, their organic products) is a manufacturer of high quality fertilizers, with many years of experience in their back.

The experience got along these decades makes from Canna one of the companies you can trust when talking about fertilizers and boosters for growth. Unlike other brands that only produce marketing strategies to mislead and confuse growers to sell products, Canna is known by selling a product that has been in the top-side without changing a coma in their formula during decades.

This is the case of this Bio Flores, one of the best organic fertilizers for bloom that you will find in market. At SantYerbasi we have tested dozens of different fertilizers and boosters, but after every test we always move back to Bio Canna. We do love organic farming, so we value the qualty over quantity (even though BIo Flores has demonstrated that the use of organic fertilizers does not mean your yields will be lower, maybe it happens the opposite).

Properly used, Bio Flores can force your plants to performance over expectations getting very high yields, difficult to reach by mineral nutrients.

Talking about price of Bio Flores, further more that potential discounts that could exist, we do feel this price as average for a really top quality product. It's true that some growers can criticize Bio Flowers for being a dilluted product, but if you calculate the cost per 1L of nutrient solution, you will notice that at the end amore concentrated product is also sold more expensive so everything gets balanced.

To sum up, the price of Bio Flores is chep for the quality of fertilizer you are getting. If you source Bio Flores to your plants these will comfirm you that they don't want any other nutrient.

Do you want to give your opinion or ask a question about Canna Bio Flores ?

We value your contribution, as sharing opinions in the cannabis community is essential to enriching collective understanding.


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  1. John asks Aug 1, 2019

    Can biocanna bio vega and bio flora be used to folier feed?

    1. Edu SantYerbasi answers Aug 1, 2019

      Hi John,
      You can use them for foliar spray (adjusting the dosages to the minimum ( maybe 1ml/l). Anyway if you can feed your plants with them by irrigation it would be much better as roots can absorb way more than leaves.

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