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Rhizotonic by Canna is a root stimulator to use during vegetative stage. Rhizotonic helps root system to develope faster, so growers can save growing days.

Benefits of using Canna Rhizotonic:

  • Develop and propagate roots to enhance nutrient uptake and plant growth.
  • Strengthen cuttings and transplants by stimulating the growth and multiplication of the roots
  • Speed ​​up the germination process in the method of soaking seeds before planting
  • Useful for reviving stressed or struggling plants.

Rhizotonic is a powerful stimulator developed to promote root growth and supplies the rest of the plant with the necessary nutrients, taking advantage of all the growth capacity. This robust and healthy phase of plant growth also provides great resistance to diseases, and is also a good preparation to face the flowering process and achieve copious harvests of quality buds.

Stimulate germination and transplantation of plants

With the Canna Rhizotonic stimulator mixed with the irrigation water you can also stimulate the germination of the seeds and favor the continuity of the growth of transplants or cuttings and plants that have suffered some type of stress.
speed up germination

The Rhizotonic mixture with the irrigation water can be used to moisten the kitchen paper with which the seeds will germinate or to soak the seeds to provide nutrients that will strengthen germination.
Recovery of plants, cuttings and transplants

Endorsed by professional growers, spraying the leaves of plants with Rhizotonic improves plants that have suffered stress from transplanting or other reasons.
How to use Canna Rhizotonic

Use during the first week of growth of cuttings, transplants or sick or poorly developed plants after suffering stress.

  • Shake the bottle very well before using.
  • Dissolve 400 ml of the concentrate in 100 liters of water (1:250).
  • Administer 1-6 times per day to the growing medium and/or leaves until a strong root system has formed.
  • When changing the pot it is recommended to treat the growth medium previously with this solution.
  • CANNA RHIZOTONIC gives the best performance with a low EC. If necessary, administer only CANNA RHIZOTONIC during the first days.

Other instructions

An excess of fertilizers can affect the fertility of the soil and the quality of the plants.
CANNA RHIZOTONIC is 100% vegetable and suitable for cultivation in soil, coconut and hydroponics.
Store closed in a dark and frost-free place.

Also available Bio Rhizotonic version of Bio Canna

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