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CANNA BOOST is a powerful bloom stimulator that increase yields of flowers, and improves taste and flavor of plants. Canna Boost does not modify the EC of your nutrient solution and accelerates flower formation. Add Canna Boost to your growing schedule and notice an increased densisty and resin production, getting larger yields and higher quality.


¿What's Canna Boost?

Canna Boost is a bloom stimulator that enhances flower developement, and improves density of buds. The use of Canna Boost increases flower formation, getting larger buds, heavier an with better bag appeal, flavor and taste.

Unlike most of bloom accelerators in marker, that only add extra nutrients, Canna Boost Accelerator is a flowering accelerator that really encourages higher activity in plants. The secret of Canna Boost is it gets higher nutrient uptake and metabolic rate of plants, that will benefit from better health, so they can reach its full potential.

Canna Boost Composition

Canna Boost is a true bloom accelerator, that gets its job done by using plant fermented extracts, that carry micronutrients and trace elements (consumed in lower amounts by plants but crucial to active its metabolism).

The Canna Boost secret of success is it is a blend of oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, aminoacids, proteins and other polymers that source needed energy for plant's cells to developequicker and in higher amount.

¿How to use Canna Boost Accelerator?

Canna Boost does not modify the EC of your nutrient solution, and it should be added along all flowering stage of plants, together with all your fertilizers and boosters.

Canna Boost can be used as a supplement to feed your plants, improving the nutrient uptake, what turns into bigger and healthier plants, and heavier yields of larger crops.

To get maximum profit off your plants it is recommended to use Canna Boost in conjunction with PK 13/14 along flowering stage of plants.

Canna Boost Accelerator recommended dose

Canna Boost Accelerator can be applied in irrigation or in foliar spray, so you must adapt the dose used to each type of application.

  • Dose of Canna Boost in irrigation: Using Canna Boost to water your plants in a growing medium (substrate or hydroponics) add 2-4 ml/L of Canna Boost to your nutrient solution.With this dose Canna Boost will propagate in growing medium becoming available for roots to uptake it.
  • Dose of Canna Boost in foliar spray: Add 2 ml/L of CannaBoost to the water used to spray plants. The application of Canna Boost in foliar spray makes inmediately available this product to your plants, be should be applied regularly to get desired results.

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