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¿What's Plagron?

Plagronis a superior quality fertilizer and substrate manufacturer. This company produces a wide range of growing mediums, besides fertilizers and stimulators.

Plagron is endorsed by 20+ years of experience developing products for cannabis growth indoors and outdoors. Its origin from a small worm farm to the international fertilizing brand it is today gives them a wide understanding of what are the growers needings.

Plagron is known for being a company that gives solution to all kind of growers problems, from the small garden to the large scale fields and greenhouses, so do not doubt that here you will find a solution to your needs.

Plagron fertilizers for soil, coco and hydroponics

Plagron has formuled a wide range of different fertilizers for growth. Inside this variety of products, you can find different lines of fertilizers (specific for each type of growing medium) for soil, coco and hydroponic systems.

Plagron has also split their organic line (that gives solution to growers looking only for organic nutrients for their garden) and the synthetic line.

If this is your first time with Plagron products, you can easily identify the organic line for being labeled in green, while synthetic line is labeled in pink.

Plagron bio and synthetic nutrients for vegetative stage

Terra Grow: Terra fertilizers are a line of synthetic nutrients for soil. Plagron's maximum recommended dose of this product is 5 ml/L, but SantYerbasi aims you to not use more than 3 ml/L to avoid any risk of nutrient-locking.

Alga Grow: Alga fertilizers are an organic base nutrients for plants grown in soil or coco. Alga Grow is the best organic fertilizer for vegetative stage of plants. The maximum dose of Alga Grow you can apply in irrigation is 4 ml/L, being recommended to begin using 1 ml/L and rise the dose as plant's increase the nutrient's demand.

Plagron organic and mineral fertilizers for bloom

Terra Bloom: The bloom fertilizer from Terra line is a nutrient formuled for soil growing. Plagron maximum recommended dose is 5 ml/L, even though at SantYerbasi we do recommend not using doses over 3 ml/L, as this is a very strong product that could overfeed your plants.

Alga Bloom: Alga Bloom is the best biological fertilizers for plant's flowering stage. This is a complete organic fertilizer, with a maximum recommended dose of 4 ml/L, that does not precise you to check pH nor EC of nutrient solution when using it. Improves the quality of your crop without loosing a gram of your final yields.

Nutrients for the whole growing cycle

Now that we already listed the different base nutrients split by its function (grow or bloom), in this subcategory we will group those fertilizers that must be used during the whole growing cycle (vegetative stage and flowering stage). These are 2-part fertilizers formuled specifically for growing in coco or for hydroponic growing.

Cocos A+B:Growing cannabis in coco precises of specific elements for maximum plant performance. In this case Plagron has developed a 2-part (A+B) base nutrient that must be added to nutrient solution in every irrigation during the whole grow cycle (grow and bloom). Cocos A+B is a base nutrient used in equal parts from A and B, with a maximum recommended dose of 4 ml/L:

Hydro A+B:If you plant to grow your plants in hydroponics, the best way of doing it is using nutrients like Hydro A`+B. Plagron Hydro A+B is specifically formuled for growing without growing medium (hydroponics and aeroponics) and can be used in NFT systems where nutrient solution is in constant recirculation. Hydro A+B is so concentrated, with a maximum recommended dose of 2,5 ml/L. It is a must to check the pH and EC of nutrient solution prior to irrigate your plants.

Plagron root stimulators and bloom boosters

In addition to specific fertilizers for each type of growing medium. Plagron also has developed many stimulators that help improving plant's performance in both vegetative stage and flowering stage.

Power Roots:This root stimulator can be used in combination with any of the different Plagron base nutrients, being one of the most powerful and concentrated root boosters in market. Power Roots boosts root production, besides improving nutrient uptake of plants. With a maximum recommended dose of 1 ml/L, Power Roots is a high quality stimulator, concentrated that improves grow ratio and reduces stress after transplant.

Green Sensation: Green Sensation is the all-in-oneyou are looking for. Its unique formula guarantee a yield improvement, besides more density and better taste and aroma of flower. Although we are talking about one of the best and more concentrated bloom boosters in market, Green Sensation can be used straight or together with any Plagron fertilizer with a guaranteed result. Even the recommended dose is 1 ml/L, at SantYerbasi we recommend begining with lower dosages and rise it weekly if plants hold the ppm increase.

Sugar Royal: In this case Plagron has developed a product to improve the taste of buds. Sugar Royal can be used together with any other PLagron nutrient, and is recommended its use combined with Green Sensation to get results even better. In addition Sugar Royal helps boosting the flowering cycle, what allows you to early harvest your plants. With a maximum recommended dose of 1 ml/L, this is a bloom additive that delivers great final results.

Substrates, additves and amendments

Plagron not only produces liquid fertilizers and stimulators. In-between their flagship products you can find many substrates, that give solution to different grower's demands.

Universal and 100% Natural soils

In order to adapt to the likes and needs of each grower, Plagron sells pre-fertilized and non-fertilized substrates. Inside these groups you can find soils with higher pre-fertilization than others.

Mineral Pre-fertilized soils

Lightmix:This is the cheapest substrate for indoor and outdoor growing. One of the main benefits of this soil is that offers a pre-fertilized substrate for 1-2 weeks. If you are one of those growers who prefer feeding your plants to have more control over what and when plants eat, this soft substrate is perfect for you. In addition your plants will benefit from a quick and healthy growth.

Growmix: Growmix is a soil with a medium pre-fertilizzation. It contains more nutrients than a lightmix, what allows you to assure nutrients to your plants for 3 weeks. After this period plants will start to precise you to add more fertilizers to irrigation. Growmix is ideal for a use indoors and outdoors, in which as a grower you can forget about plant's needings for the first stages of the growing cycle.

100% biological soil

The line of 100% natural pre-fertilized substrates by Plagron is packed with a green label, that lets you know at first-look that is a 100% bio substrate. This type of substrates has been pre-fertilized only with 100% natural nutrients. Inside this type of soild you can choose between:

Allmix: One of the more complete and nutrient-rich substrate in market, Allmix by Plagron guarantees up to 4-5 weeks without needing to feed your plants. This is a highly pre-fertilized soil with slow release nutrients, ideal for indoor growing, and specially for outdoor growing as it asures a good start of plants.

Batmix: Batmix is the only 100% natural substrate in market that contains bat guano. This is a pre-fertilized soil thought to source your plants with nutrients for 4-6 weeks. Is ideal for indoor and outdoor gwoing, and specially for autoflowering strains. These kind of plants with a quick cycle, really benefit from the guano cointained begining the flowering stage with a full potential that improves yields and final quality.

Royalmix: This is the most professional soil, and highest quality, from all Plagron substrates. This blend presents a 100% natural pre-fertilization in which only best raw materials have been used. Royalmix contains nutrients for 6 weeks. Is ideal to start seedlings, transplants of adult individuals, no matter if indoors or outdoors.

Inert substrates: Coco fiber and clay pebbles

Grouped in inert substrates (non-prefertilized) Plagron brings two top quality growing medium:

Cocos Premium: Plagron selects carefully the coco fiber included in Cocos Premium so you as grower benefit from top-grade coco fiber. The advantages of this growing medium is a quick adaptation of plants, turning into a more vigorous growth. Aother advantage appreciated by growers is it lets you take more control over what your plants are uptaking.

Euro Pebbles: Euro Pebbles are first quality clay pebbles. This substrate is specific for hydroponic systems in which there is a lack of growing medium. It can also be used at the bottom of your pots to improve the drainage levels of your soil.

Soil recovery products and powder fertilizers

Another example that demonstrates that Plagron is a compromised company with growers and enviroment is its wide range of products to recover and improve soils. In-between these products you can find powdery nutrients for grow stage and for flowering, besides ground recovery products to reuse soil.

Calcium Kick: Powder product rich in calcium that sources this element to substrates that have been used previously, and also increases pH of ground and recovers the structure of it.

Mega Worm: One of the most known and used elements to improve life in substrate is worm humus. Mega Worm is powdery worm humus, quickly available for plants, that brings beneficial humic acids for growth.

Bat Guano: Bat Guano is known for being a powder nutrient that increases flower formation, density of nugs besides improvinhg resin production. This is a great product to help your plants indoors, or outdoors, to get more abondant crops. From SantYerbasi we specially recommend this natural nutrient not only for its low cost but also for its effectiveness and ease of use.

Plagron grow schedule: Dose and application

At Plagron they know their products are a top-grade quality, and that's why they know you must get always a good result in every crop. To get it they set available the growing schedules for each of the fertilizer line you might use. Check any of the Plagron products in our site and you will find the doses and how to use their products. These grow schedules show a grow schema by weeks with the doses you should use each week until harvest.

¿Do you have any doubt? Navigate to any Plagron product, post your question and we will solve it quickly.

Plagron final reviews and price

Plagron is a company with years of experience in international markets on their back. This fact itself is more than enough to demonstrate their products are positively valued by customers. If theyr were not you can be sure the brand would not exists.

Diving deeper in their catalogue, we clearly see we are facing top quality nutrients. Not only because using their products you won't get any lack, but also because they cover any plant need.

Maybe some of their products can seem to be kind of diluted due the high recommended dose, but in the daily practice, these doses will never be used, unless you want to overfeed your plants (specially growing indoors).

On the other hand it also has available a line of stimulators and boosters highly concentrated, that allow you to prepare large amounts of liters of nutrients olution for a very low cost per liter. And what's more important, getting amazing results.

In our sincere opinion this brand gives you solutions to any problem that may occur during growth, and even gives answer to those who don't like to use many products. For cases like this you should try Green Sensation. You will discover how your plants like it, and how your crop gets larger!

When talking about price, then maybe you find a bit of everything. In general the nutrient base are cheap, and boosters are usually expensiver, but you have to count the concentration of the product we already mentioned. If you count the amount of liters of nutrient solution you can prepare with each bottle you will discover that the cost per liter of nutrient solution is really cheap. No doubt Plagron is a fertilizer brand in which you can trust.

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  1. Alga Grow

    Boost the natural growth of your plants with Alga Grow from Plagron, an organic liquid fertilizer made with high-quality extracts of seaweed. It strengthens the root system, stimulates the development of green leaves, and promotes balanced growth. Achieve exceptional results in your crops with Alga Grow from Plagron!


    Starting at: €15.86

  2. vita race

    Plagron Vita Race (leaf fertilizer)

    Plagron Vita Race (leaf fertilizer) [...]

    Starting at: €37.88

    Out of stock

  3. Terra Grow

    Plagron Terra Grow is a growing stage fertilizer for plants. Terra Grow dosages go from 1ml/l up to 5 ml/l, and is available in 1l & 5l bottles.


    Starting at: €8.49

  4. Terra Bloom

    Plagron Terra Bloom is a fertilizer for plants in flowering stage. Terra Bloom, is grouped in mineral origin fertilizers and contains all necessary elements for a vigorous bloom, specially higher leveels of phosphorus and potassium, need to enlarge fruit production.


    Starting at: €9.29

  5. Sugar Royal Plagron

    Plagron Sugar Royal 100ml, 500ml, 1l and 5l [...]

    Starting at: €14.20

  6. Pure Enzym

    Pure Enzym 1l-5l [...]

    Starting at: €21.79

  7. Plagron Power Roots

    Plagron Power Roots 100ml, 1L and 5L [...]

    Starting at: €12.84

  8. Plagron Ph Plus 1l

    Plagron pH Plus is a safe an easy to use pH regulator to change your nutrient solution pH values. Ph Plus Plagron will help increase the pH of your nutrient solution just with few drops. [...]

    Starting at: €7.45

  9. Plagron Ph Min 1l

    Plagron pH Min 1l [...]

    Starting at: €16.92

  10. Plagron PK 13-14 250ml-500ml-1l-5l

    Plagron PK 13-14 250ml, 500ml, 1l & 5l [...]

    Starting at: €5.07

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