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Boost the natural growth of your plants with Alga Grow from Plagron, an organic liquid fertilizer made with high-quality extracts of seaweed. It strengthens the root system, stimulates the development of green leaves, and promotes balanced growth. Achieve exceptional results in your crops with Alga Grow from Plagron!


Alga Grow by Plagron: The Organic Fertilizer for Exceptional Growth

Discover the Benefits of Using Alga Grow in Your Crops

  • Stimulates Vigorous Growth: Alga Grow by Plagron is formulated with high-quality seaweed extracts that provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids. These elements stimulate healthy and vigorous growth in your plants from the early stages of development.
  • Strengthens the Root System: The unique combination of nutrients in Alga Grow promotes the development of a strong and robust root system. This allows plants to absorb nutrients from the soil more efficiently, promoting optimal growth.
  • Stimulates the Development of Green Leaves: Alga Grow provides your plants with the necessary nutrients for chlorophyll synthesis, which stimulates the production of green and healthy leaves. The result is lush foliage full of vitality.
  • Promotes Balanced Growth: Alga Grow by Plagron contains a balanced combination of essential nutrients for plant growth. This balanced formula helps prevent nutrient deficiencies and promotes uniform development in all parts of the plant.
  • Organic Origin and Environmentally Friendly: Alga Grow by Plagron is an organic fertilizer made from seaweed extracts. It does not contain harmful chemicals or toxic residues, making it a safe and environmentally friendly choice.

Boost the Natural Growth of Your Plants with Alga Grow by Plagron

Alga Grow by Plagron is a high-quality organic liquid fertilizer formulated with seaweed extracts. Specifically designed for the growth phase of plants, this product promotes vigorous and healthy growth. Alga Grow strengthens the root system, stimulates the development of green leaves, and fosters balanced growth. Additionally, being organic, it is safe for plants and respectful of the environment. Enjoy the benefits of Alga Grow in your crops and enhance their natural growth.

Instructions for Using Alga Grow by Plagron:

  1. Dilute 4 ml of Alga Grow per liter of water.
  2. Shake the solution well to ensure a homogeneous mixture.
  3. Water your plants with the Alga Grow solution once a week during the growth phase.
  4. Ensure proper drainage of the irrigation water and avoid excessive accumulation in the soil.
  5. Continue using Alga Grow until your plants reach the flowering stage, at which point it is recommended to switch to a specific fertilizer for that phase.

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