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Canna Hydro Vega A+B is a specific fertilizer for plants in vegetative stage grown in hydroponic systems. Hydro Vega by Canna assures all necessary macro and micro elements for a massive developement in gardens without substrate (hydroponics and aeroponics). Hydro Vega must be used in equal parts of both components, making it easier to dose, and adding all nutrients needed by plants along its growing stage and pre-flowering stage.


The prestigious fertilizing company Canna adds to its wide range of feeding products this Hydro Vega, a professional fertilizer, complete, specific for plants in vegetative stage.

Hydro Vega it's been developed for growing in inert run-to-waste systems.

The use of Canna Hydro Vega promotes a powerful growth, and healthy, promoting a better side-branching and an increased root system.

Hydro Vega A+B is suitable to all types of inert substrates. guarantiing a complete uptake of contained nutrients. Its use is specific for growing stage and pre-flowering stage, bringing all Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, chelated Iron, and oligo elements needed to maximize plant's growth.

Hydro Vega Canna characteristics

Type: 2-part growing fertilizer.

Dose: 1-4 ml/l (equal parts from A and B).

Orígin: Mineral.

Suitable for: Hydroponics.

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