Raw Solubles

When analyzing the ingredients of fertilizers for plants available for greenhouses, it becomes apparent that most fertilizers have a similar composition.

Most fertilizer companies follow similar methods to extract and combine nutrients to create a fertilizer regimen.

The pre-packaged fertilizers for hobby growers usually consist of two or three parts which are designed to be used during different phases of the plant's life cycle.

Specific Nutrition for Each Plant:

Raw Solubles Fertilizers and Stimulators are designed to meet the unique needs of each type of plant, providing a perfect nutritional balance for both amateur and expert gardeners.

Healthy and Robust Growth:

They promote comprehensive development from germination to flowering, thanks to their innovative and unique formula.

Easy Powder Application:

Their powder format facilitates a uniform and precise application, essential for the health of your plants.

Purity and Quality in Ingredients:

Made with the highest quality components, they guarantee maximum purity and effectiveness in each application.

Versatility in Various Growing Media:

Suitable for use in soil, coco, or hydroponic systems, they adapt to any gardening environment, whether indoors or outdoors.

Commitment to the Environment:

They offer an ecological option for plant care, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Proven Results:

Users report significant improvements in the health of their plants, with brighter flowers and more abundant harvests.

"Grow", "Bloom", and in some cases "Micro" are examples of the most common fertilizers.

When a fertilizer manufacturer produces a product that varies from the normal formulations used by others, they tend to stand apart from the crowd.

This is exactly what NPK industries has done with its Raw Solubles by individually packaging elements and organic bio-stimulators.

Experienced gardeners understand that plants are like people and have a variety of dietary needs. In fact, dietary variations depend on multiple factors.

Most fertilizers are general-purpose, meaning they contain enough essential elements to sustain plant life but are not specifically designed for a particular crop or application.

The Raw Solubles product line offers gardeners the ultimate control over the ratio of essential elements and organic bio-stimulators in their feeding regimen.

This increased control over plant nutrition allows gardeners to customize the feeding program to achieve optimal results.

With twenty different soluble powders, each derived from high-quality resources, Raw Solubles provides unprecedented control over the nutritional regimen, leading to optimal results and a notable improvement in the health, beauty, and productivity of plants.

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