Remo Nutrients

Remo Nutrients

Remo Nutrients origin

Remo Nutrients is a fertilizers and boosters brand, based in Canada, born from the spawned of a passion for growing. Remo, also known as Urban Grower, has helped thousands of growers to learn the necessary skills to get a top shelf flowers.

In ancient times it was known that everything in this world was made within 5 earth elements: water, earth, wood, fire and metal. Every element brings it's own unique characteristics, that properly balanced, provides the building blocks for all living things.

Using this concept, Remo Nutrients fertilizers specially focussed in two main areas specifically targeted, and also the interaction of those.

Remo Nutrients fertilizers and boosters catalogue

Remo Nutrients fertilizers and stimulators range  of products are compound by 8 products, that offer a complete system of vitamines, minerals and extracts, needed for plants to get their maximum growth potential.

Remo Nutrients fertilizers for growing and flowering stage

Remo Nutrients has 3-part fertilizers (Grow, Micro and Bloom) to cover all needings of plants during the whole cycle. During vegetative stage growers should use a combination of Grow and Micro, while in flowering stage growers should use a mix of Micro and Bloom.

Remo Nutrients boosters for vegetative stage and bloom phase

If you want to take your plants to its full potential with Remo Nutrients it is recommended to add additives like Velokelp (for growing phase) and bloom boosters like Astroflower and Nature's Candy, that will increase your yields and overall health of your plants.

Remo Nutrients nutrient lack solver

Remo Nutrients offers a complete revolutionary all-in-one product that solves any calcium-magnesium-nitrogen defficiency. Add Magnifical to your nutrient solution along the growing and flowering cycle to prevent and solve any lack of these minerals.

Supercharged Kit by Remo Nutrients

At SantYerbasi you can purchase every product, or buy a complete set of fertilizers and boosters. If this is your first time using Remo's products we aim you to buy the Supercharged kit (available in 500ml bottles and 1L bottles), what will save you money, and also will give you an extra gift included in every kit. This is also a great choice for those selfgrowers that grow 4-6 plants, as they will get everything needed to get a top shelf quality crop for a really cheap price.

Remo Nutrients high grade quality products

Remo Nutrients uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients, that open up your plant's potential to the maximum degree.

Remo Nutrients Grow Schedule

If you have any question or doubt about how to use Remo Nutrients fertilizers and boosters, checkout the feeding chart available with the recommended dose of each product for each week of the growing cycle.

¿What's the final review of Remo products?

If you think your results are not the expected, give Remo Nutrients a try. This is a really simple and easy to use set of fertilizers and boosters, that will bring you not only the quantity, but also the quality you are looking for. These products are quite concentrated, and don't leave taste in your flowers when properly flushed.

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