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Dinafem's Early Amnesia CBD cannabis seeds produce female plants, sativa dominant, with high content of cannabidiol (CBD). This strain, thanks to the cross with the Auto CBD acquires more CBD content, besides reducing its flowering time notoriously. Even being crossed with an automatic strain, Early Amnesia CBD is a photodependant strain, but with a quick flowering time being a sativa.


Early Amnesia CBD is a goal got by Dinafem's developing crew, as they got to fuse the great yields, taste and vigorousity from the Amnesia, with the medical power of CBD, and the quick flowering time from its indica side. Thanks to the cross with Auto CBD, they shorten the flowering time from the Original Amnesia up to 10 days, besides increasing the THC/CBD ratio. As it happens with other CBD rich strains, the effect is low, inviting more tokers to get a strain with great yields, and overstanding taste, with a soft and pleasant effect.

Early Amnesia CBD seeds produce quick cannabis plants, being a heavy yielder, with a strong and vigorous structure, that can grow up to 3,5 meters height (outdoors). This is a bushy plant (suitable for SCROG type of gardens), with big and long leaves. The buds are abondant, covered with high quality resin.

This strain likes to recieve a good amount of light, transforming all that energy into large and dense flowers that will reward you with notorious weight.

Early Amnesia CBD marijuana buds smell and taste like lemon, and oranges, leaving a great taste in mouth.

*Even being crossed with Auto CBD, Early Amnesia CBD is not autoflowering.

Early Amnesia CBD seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Sativa 65% - Indica 35%.

Genetics: Original Amnesia x CBD Auto.

Flowering: 60 days.

Harvest: Late September.

Yield: 600 g/sqm - 1500 g/plant.

THC: 9,5%.

CBD: 11%.

Ratio THC/CBD: 1:1.

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