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Magnum Autofloreciente, the marijuana strain from Buddha Seeds, stands out as possibly the most productive genetic variant among autoflowering plants, yielding up to 140 grams per plant. Recommended by SantYerbasi, Magnum impresses with its rapid growth and potent buds, reaching heights of 1.40 meters. This unique hybrid, with fresh and spicy aromas, unveils its full splendor in outdoor environments, challenging the conventional belief about an automatic plant.

Experience the unparalleled potency of Magnum, arguably the most productive autoflowering marijuana variety at the moment. Magnum Autoflowering seeds ensure impressive yields, with plants capable of producing up to 140 grams per plant and reaching heights of up to 1.40 meters. Highly recommended by SantYerbasi, Magnum's genetics stand out for the exceptional quality of its flowers and outstanding results for cultivators of all levels.


This innovative hybrid, resulting from a carefully selected cross of the most potent and productive varieties, exhibits rapid, vigorous, and branched growth culminating in lush buds during the flowering phase.

Due to its imposing size, cultivation in large indoor pots is not recommended. In limited spaces, smaller containers or late transplants are suggested to control its height. Magnum's genetics reveal their full splendor in outdoor environments, where, when planted in soil or a large pot, they grow vigorously, transforming into a true giant that challenges the conventional notion of an automatic plant.

The aromas and flavors of the Magnum strain captivate with their fresh and spicy nuances. Its explosive potency, creating a cerebral high intensifying to uncontrollable laughter, is not to be overlooked.

Key Features:

  • Seed Bank: Buddha Seeds
  • Seed Type: Autoflowering
  • Available in Single Units: Yes
  • Recommended Use: Recreational
  • Recommended Growing Zone: Any
  • Cannabinoid Profile: THC dominant
  • Indica / Sativa: Sativa dominant
  • Physical Effect: Intense
  • Psychoactive Effect: Stimulating
  • Indoor Flowering Time: 11-12 weeks from germination
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: Over 90 days from germination
  • Flavor: Incense
  • Additional Flavor: Sweet
  • Climate: Temperate

Explore the exceptional potential of Magnum, a cultivation experience that challenges boundaries and redefines the autoflowering category.

Questions and answers about Magnum Autoflowering seeds:

  • How is the Magnum plant?

    • Magnum is an autoflowering plant with sativa characteristics, featuring medium-long internodes and thin light green leaves. It can reach heights of up to one and a half meters.
  • How much does Magnum grow?

    • Magnum can grow up to one and a half meters tall outdoors, displaying vigorous and rapid growth.
  • How many grams does a Magnum Autoflowering plant produce?

    • Magnum Autoflowering from Buddha Seeds can yield up to 500 grams per square meter indoors, while outdoors it achieves results between 100 and 250 grams per plant.
  • How to plant my Magnum Autoflower indoors?

    • Indoors, it is recommended to plant 4 seeds per 600 W light and set a timer with 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. This light cycle promotes optimal plant development.
  • How to plant my Magnum Autoflower outdoors?

    • Outdoors, Magnum plants grow for approximately 20 days before flowering in a 2-month period. They can reach heights of one and a half meters and produce around 200 grams of dry buds per plant.
  • When to harvest Magnum Autoflowering?

    • Magnum yields can be harvested after 11-12 weeks from germination, both indoors and outdoors.
  • How to germinate a Magnum seed?

    • Magnum seeds can be easily germinated in rock wool or jiffys by simply inserting the seed without burying it too deep. Keep them in a dark area and always keep them moist.
  • What is the productivity of Magnum Auto from Buddha Seeds?

    • Magnum Auto allows for a significant yield of buds with a potent and fresh aroma. Indoors, yields can reach 500 grams per square meter, while outdoors, between 100 and 250 grams per plant.
  • What do growers say about Magnum Autoflowering?

    • Growers highlight the large yields and rapid growth of Magnum. Its resistance to fungi and pests is noted, but caution is advised about the potent aroma in indoor cultivation.
  • What is the cannabinoid profile of Magnum Auto?

    • Magnum Auto has a predominantly sativa profile, with a powerful and stimulating cerebral effect. Its flavor is incense-like and sweet, reminiscent of Haze varieties.


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