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Improve the growth of your plants with Athena Pro Line Grow! If you want your plants to grow strong and healthy, you need a fertilizer that provides them with the right nutrients. Athena Pro Line Grow is the perfect solution for the growth stage of your plants.


Properties of Athena Pro Line Grow

  • High concentration of nutrients: Pro Grow Athena contains a high level of nutrients, macroelements and amino acids that stimulate the growth of your plants.
  • Balanced formula: The Athena Pro Line Grow formula is composed of a mixture of fertilizers that contains balanced NPK, microelements, iron, DTPA and magnesium.
  • Granular texture: Athena Pro Line Grow powder has a granular texture that makes it easy to dissolve in irrigation water.
  • Compatibility with various dosing systems:  Pro Line Grow dissolves completely without generating sediment, which makes it compatible with various dosing systems.
  • Bud Enhancer: In addition to stimulating growth, Athena Pro Line Grow is also an excellent bud enhancer, which will make your plants produce bigger and denser buds.

Maximum potential in the growth phase for your plants.

Athena Pro Line Grow is an excellent fertilizer option for those who want to get the most out of their cannabis plants' growth stage.This product, manufactured by the Athena fertilizer brand, contains a balanced mix of nutrients, macroelements and amino acids that are essential for plant root development.

One of the great advantages of Pro Grow Athena is that it is easily soluble, which makes its use very comfortable and practical. In addition, its formula does not contain heavy metals, which makes it safe for your plants and for you as a grower.
To use Athena Pro Line Grow effectively, it is necessary to combine it with the Athena Pro Core product, which is a high quality chlorophyll and amino acid binder. The proper dosage is 1.13 kg of each product per gallon of water, and this will last you two weeks. It is suggested to use it in the irrigation water daily during the vegetative phase of your plants.

If you are looking for high quality fertilizers, Athena is a brand that we recommend you consider. All their products are of excellent quality and have unique qualities that really benefit your plants. In our store we have several Athena brand products, and we are convinced that they can help you obtain the best results in your crop.

How to use Athena Pro Line Grow

  • Mixing: Before using Pro Grow, mix the product with Athena Pro Core, a high-quality chlorophyll and amino acid binder.
  • Dosage: Add 1.13 kg of Pro Line Grow and 1.13 kg of Athena Pro Core per gallon of irrigation water. Shake the solution well until it is completely dissolved.
  • Dilution: Dilute the mixture of Athena Pro Line Grow and Athena Pro Core in irrigation water in the recommended proportion.
  • Watering: Water your plants with the Athena Pro Line Grow and Athena Pro Core solution daily during the growth stage.
  • Stop: Once the flowering stage begins, stop using Athena Pro Line Grow and use a bud enhancer instead.

With Athena Pro Line Grow, your plants will grow stronger and healthier, allowing them to better resist diseases and the stress of the growth stage. In addition, its balanced formula and easy dissolution make it a comfortable and effective option for the most demanding growers. Try Athena Pro Line Grow and see the difference in your plants!

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