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Athena PK is a bud stimulator formuled with phosphorus and potassium. these two elements are the most demanded by plants along flowering phase, as these are essentials for flower formation, developement and thickness. The use of a PK during bloom stage increases size, density, aroma and taste of your crop. Athena PK improves resin production and enlarges resin's glands size.


¿What's Athena PK and why is it good to enlarge crop?

Athena PKis a bloom booster that works together with your base nutrients to improve the size and density of flowers, besides enhacing resin production.

The extra source of phosphorus and potassium along flowering stage has demonstrated to increase yields, with plants that reach their full potential and performance in every crop. One of the secrets of Athena PK is its formula low in Nitrogen. Many problems that occur using a PK booster are caused by a too high source of these elements that turns into a block of Calcium and Magnesium availability.

The balanced mix of elements is essential to enhace the flower's growth during bloom phase, in addition to stimulate essential oil and terpene production.

Advantages and benefits of using a PK booster in bloom

The extra source of phosphorus and potassium (PK) during flowering stage of plants helps improving many factors, from those we like to highlight the following features:

  • Increased flower formation.
  • Improvement of bud densisty.
  • More resin production.
  • Enhanced taste and aroma that become more intense.
  • Heavier yields of dried flowers.
  • Can be used for indoors and outdoors growing.
  • Suitable for all growing mediums: soil, coco and hydroponics.
  • Can be used in manual watering and also in automatic irrigation systems.

How to improve yields with Athena PK: Grower's guide

Unlike other PK formuled by competitors, Athena PK contains a balanced levels of phosphorus and potassium. This balance allows the use of the product from early stages of bloom until late stages before flushing.

Athena PK should be added from the first sign of plants bloom (2nd-3rd week to 12/12 depending on the strain grown), until late stages of bloom (moment in which you should stop adding any nutrient and proceed with flushing period before harvest).

The proper way of preparing the nutrient solution should be adding the base nutrients, stir and then add Athena PK to water. Once the product is added it is important to check pH and EC of N.S. to double check the values are optimal for each stage of the growth cycle.

When you are looking to improve final yields it is important to use the recommended dose of Athena PK for each stage of the flowering phase. Overfeeding plants could cause a nutrient-lock, what turns into lower yields and quality of the final product.

Dosages of PK flower stimulator to enlarge crops

When talking about a bloom booster like Athena PK it is important for you to learn how to dose it, as this is a highly concentrated product that could cause blocks in your plants due overfeeding.

The recomended dosage of this bud stimulator is 3-10 ml per Gallon, what equals to 0,8-2,6 ml per liter of water.

Why it is important to apply the correct dosage of phosphorus and potassium?

Flowering stage is the most critical moment in plant's feeding. As you already know, if your plants are overfed during growing stage, you can solve it just enlarging the vegetative stage until full recovering.

Unlike it happens in growing stage, once your plants start to flower there is no way back, so every day passed is a day less until harvest. This fact makes a must for you to properly dose nutrients you are using to feed your plants, so their nutrient schedule is balanced and under control.

A key point in this balance and control is when you use bloom boosters like this PK by Athena. The key for a proper use of the product is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Always start with the manufacturer's minimim recommended dose (in this case Athena suggest a PK dosage of 0,8 ml/L) and raise it as weeks pass by until reaching the maximum dosage just before flushing period.
  2. Every cannabis strain tolerates a certain maximum dosage of nutrinets. Not all genetics accept the same maximum dose of PK.

When should I start sourcing PK to plants and cuttings?

By general law most of the coemrcial strains available start flowering 10-15 days after changing the photoperiod. If we take this data as reference, you should begin adding PK to nutrient solution from the 3rd week of flowering (once those 15 days to 12/12 have passed).

If the strain you work with is more sativa-likely, and takes more days to adapt to new light schedule remember to don't add PK until you notice first synptoms of plants starting to bloom (plants stop stretching, and first pistils appearance in main tops and side-branches).

¿When should I stop feeding plants with PK?

As we already explained, Athena PK can be added to irrigation until late stages of bloom. You should stop feeding your plants with PK once the flushing period begins.

Characteristics of Athena PK bud enhancer

Type: Liquid bloom stimulator formuled with phosphorus and potassium.

For: Improve size and densisty of flowers, besides the amount of resin. Enhances the taste and aroma of flowers.

Use: From the 3rd week of flowering stage until the flushing period begins.

Dosages: 0,8-2,6 ml/L.

NPK: 0-4-5.

Final reviews before purchase Athena PK at best price

We were excited to taste these new product from Athena, in-between many reasons because its formula took our attention. If you have walked a long path in cannabis growth you may noticed that the NPK of this product is (0-4-5). We use noticed because one of the most well-known values of a PK product from other brands are PK 13-14.

It is true that Athena is abrand with a reputation that preceeds them, but we wanted to test in our own gardens which were the results got (attention, this is a spoiler: They were awesome). This PK, combined with the rest of Athena products gets great final results that will satisfy even the most demanding growers.

Arrived to this point you could think... And how do I know the product will work as described if they did not test it separately? You can calm down, being a new brand of nutrients (for us), we wanted to test the complete line, but also some of their products (like this PK) separately, mixing them with nutrients from other brands. And we did it this way to know if the lower ratios of phosphorus and potassium in this PK worked alone or because higher ratios of these elements in other products of the line

Probably you are now asking yourself: And what were the results of these tests?

Athena PK works good when you combine it with other Athena products, and also if you use it with base nutrients from other brands... Although the best performance we got was using the complete line of Athena products.

To sum up: This is a booster that sources extra phosphorus and potassium to your plants and gets the job done combined with any base nutrient for bloom. If you pretend to get the best yields and quality it is recommended to combine it with Athena line.

Maybe price and concentration of the product are the two cons of this PK, as it is less concentrated than competitors, and has a cost per liter higher than competitors. It is worth the try and use it in your garden? In our opinion definitely yes, and results show for themselves. If you pretend to improve your yields and quality Athena brings you the oportunity, it's up to you to take advantage or not.


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