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Athena CaMg is a Calcium and Magnesium supplement to prevent and solve lack of these elements (and others) during grow stage and developement of plants. CaMg is suitable to correct common defficiencies in gardens where RO water is used (or soft waters with low or non contentent of these elements). CaMg increase yields of plants grown in hydroponics, coco or rockwhool, sourcing optimal levels of liquid Calcium and Magnesium.

¿What's Athena CaMg and why feeding your plants with it is important?

Athena CaMg is a Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrogen and Iron supplement, formuled to prevent and correct lack of these elements during growth.

CaMg is specially useful with some genetics that consume higher amounts of Calcium and Magnesium. The extra source of Calcium, Magnesium, and other minerals during vegetative and developement stages allows plants to reach their maximum performance.

Specially when growing with Reverse Osmosis water in an inert growing medium, like coco or rockwhool, Athena CaMg is so useful. In these inert medium, the extra source of Calcium and Magnesium gets to enhace growth and developement of plants.

This way plants with a weak or stopped developement can quickly increase their performance and final yields.

CaMg is a supplement to base nutrients, and must be used together with other fertilizers and boosters.

¿When should I add CaMg to my nutrient solution?

If you already worked with the cannabis strain you'll grow, and you know it has higher demands of Calcium and Magnesium, it is recommended to add CaMg to water from the first irrigation, as preventive.

If you run LED lights in your facility, known that the spectrum forces plants to consume higher amounts of these elements, it is also recommended to feed your plants with an extra source of calcium and magnesium.

If you have not used CaMg yet, and you notice that, after a couple of weeks, your plants show a fade in their leaves, and a lack of health, maybe this is caused because your plants have consumed all available Calcium and Magnesium, and precise an extra source to guarantee maximum performance.

Correct lack of Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrogen and Iron with CaMg

If you need to prevent defficiencies, or solve and existing lack you can act in two ways. The first one and easier is to add Athena CaMg to your nutrient solution in every irrigation. Further on we will detail the recommended dosages, but one of the advantages of doing it this way is plants can quickly uptake large amount of these minerals, solving the issue in 1-2 waterings.

Another common formula to correct soft lack is to spray your plants every 2-3 days.

CaMg application in irrigation and foliar spray

CaMg gets best results when applied in irrigation. It is not surprising, because the root system can uptake higher amounts of nutrients so is able to correct a heavy lack quicker. Even so, CaMg can be applied as foliar feeding to solve soft lack of Calcium and Magnesium. This type of application is usually made in stages of growth where there is a lack of roots, or these are in early developement stage (specially during cloning and rooting process).

If you are interested in start using CaMg in your garden, no matter if sprayed or in irrigation, we aim you to follow recommended dosages.

How to use CaMg and recommended dosages per 1 liter of water

If you will grow your plants in an inert growing medium (like coco), the first you should do, before placing plants in it, is hydrate the substrate with a solution rich in CaMg, 24 hours before placing plants in. this way you get sure plants will start uptaking calcium and magnesium from the same moment the roots touch the substrate. This action boosts vegetative developement and growth.

Recommended dosage of CaMg in grow phase

Athena recommends the same dosage of CaMg for all stages of growth: 2,5 ml/Gal (this is equal to a dosage of 0,65 ml/L). However, we do know plants don't always consume the same amount of Calcium and Magnesium, so maybe some plants need to lower the dose, and some strains need to raise it.

At SantYerbasi we prefer to explain you the importance of measuring EC than telling recommendations about dosages. This way if you use Ro water (or soft water) with EC=0, our tip is to raise the EC up to  EC=0,4-0,5 with CaMg. Once you reach these numbers you can add the rest of nutrients and boosters to your solution.

Notice that these values may vary depending on plant's needings, water hardness and growing medium used. In inert growing mediums like coco or hydroponics it is a must to add Calcium and Magnesium from the first irrigation. In substrates like soil maybe it is not necessary to feed plants with CaMg until 3rd-4th week (or maybe not needed at all).

*Tip: It is always better to prevent, and check the EC so your plant's solution is always on point. Do not wait until lacks appear if you don't want your crop to abate.

Dosage of CaMg during bloom stage

All compounds included in Athena CaMg formula are essential for a maximum developement along vegetative stage, but also in flowering stage. Specially during transition phase, and first stages of bloom, nitrogen, calcium and magnesium help improving internal processes of plants, turning into a better use of nutrients and overall health of plants.

Same way it happens during vegetative stage, from SantYerbsi we aim you to raise the Ec of water up to EC=0,4 with CaMg, and then add the rest of nutrients to the solution. This way your plants won't suffer any defficiency, but will have all they need to succeed.

Thsi metodology is specially important for the first 4-6 weeks to 12/12. Unless the genetics you work with are too sativa, and its flowering is way longer, from this point and further on you can skip adding CaMg to water and focus only in other nutrients.

Explanation: It is not detrimental to add CaMg in the following weeks, but benefits in late flowering are little so maybe you prefer to use that EC range to source other minerals that may produce higher return in crop.

Recommended dosages of Ca-Mg to spray clones and seedlings

When we talk about foliar spray, you should know that it only works to solve a very soft lack of Calcium and Magnesium. In general growers only spray seedlings and cuttings because they don't have enough root system to uptake higher amounts. This methodology is common along cloning and rooting process besides early stages of growth.

The recommended dose of Ca-Mg for foliar spray is 0,25 ml/L, and it is mandatory to spray plants during hours of low light intensity (or darkness), to avoid any leaf burn.

Rooting tip: If you will take clones from yoru motherplant, spray CaMg 24-48 hours before taking cuts off and you'll see how your results improve.

Characteristics of Athena Cal-Mag supplement

Type: Lack solver.

To: Prevent and correct defficiencies of Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrogen or Iron. Increase nutrient uptake, photosinthesis and final yields.

Use: During all stages of growth (vegetative stage and flowering phase). Speciall when using inert growing medium like coco or in hydroponic systems.

Dosages: 0,2-0,65 ml/L.

NPK: 2-0-0.

CaMg final reviews and why is better purchase 4L than 1L

It could seem that all brands are selling the same, but subtile differences in formulation can cause notorious benefits in plant's health. This is the case of this CaMg by Athena, that not only sources Calcium and Magnesium, but it also feeds plants with other needed elements like Nitrogen adn Iron. these minerals bring this product a huge difference compared with many of its competitors.

One of the differences we have detected, and found positive, is this extra source of nitrogen and iron, that shows out in greener plants that look healthier. This extra feed is ot only useful in vegetative stage, but it also carries enormous benefits during first stages of bloom, and even in mid. flowering stage.

Even though the Calcium and Magnesium levels are perfect to avoid any type of defficiency of these elements, the extra source of Nitrogen enhances a thicker flower formation from its begining, what ends up in higher yields. In addition to the yield improvement (heavier flowers) it also improves the appeal, what gives more value to the end product.

When talking about price the first you must notice is the concentration of the product (up to 1/4 of the used by other competitors). As we value this detail, and adding it to the price per 1L of CaMg, the result is a really cheap product that brings great benefits. In addition, if you like discounts per volume, take a look to the price per 4L can. 1 Gallon (3,78L) will cost you less than two liters of product bought in bottles of one liter.

To sum up: The use of supplements of Calcium and Magnesium is a must for growers in coco and hydroponics, and recommended for soil growers. If you value these two elements and you also want to benefit from a more complete product that brings real benefits that increase yields, we don't see any reason to avoid using. And remember: This is one of the cheapest lack solver in market.

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