Enviroment controllers

In Enviroment Controllers category you may find tools to control and modify temperature and humidity of your growing-space. Set up a perfect climate conditions of your growing area is a key point to get  maximum developement of your plants. We remind you that ideal temperatures in a grow-room are 25ºC during the day, and 20ºC at nightime. The same way, we recommend keeping a 60-80% humidity during vegetative stage, and 40-50% during flowering stage. If we can keep these ideal conditions, our plants will be healthier, and show its quick developement, getting better and larger crops.


 Thermohygrometers are useful tools to check temperature and relative humidity conditions of our garden. Most thermo-hygrometers show the instant temperature and humidity, besides having a memory of which have been the maximum and minimum values from last time the tool was reset. Know temperature and humidity of your growing space will give you information about what are the conditions while we were away, so they help knowing if we have to change whatever to modify these parameters.

Climate controllers

 Climate controllers are a great way to automate growth processes. If we have a climate controller, this will help to control, and modify parameters of our grow-room, doing it automatically, to always keep the desired ranges. There are cheaper climate controllers, and also the more professional controllers, able to regulate temperature, humidity, or both. If we want to be sure our enviromental conditions are on point, there is nothing better than a climate controller that will do all the work for us.

CO2 controllers

 As it happens with climate controllers, CO2 controllers are a professional tool to keep CO2 levels in its ideal conditions. CO2 controllers have a probe that reads the parts per million (ppm) of CO2 in the air, acting automatically when needed. When growing cannabis, it is recommended to keep CO2 levels between 500ppm and 1200ppm. These CO2 controllers take control of CO2 generators (managing when the switch ON/OFF, so the CO2 levels are always the desired (and safety for growers).

CO2 generators

 CO2 generators (also known as CO2 burners) are tools used to increase CO2 levels (ppm) of your growing area. these CO2 generators should be connected to a CO2 controller to asure optimal CO2 levels. In this category you may find from most cheap CO2 generators, like Exhale, CO2 Boost and Boost Buddy, up to the most professional CO2 burners like Hotbox. These ones are a professional tool that should be used with precision, to secure not only plant's healthy, also the grower's. Too high CO2 levels can be harmful for plants, as well as for growers, causing death when inhaling it.


Humidifiers are tools thought to increase the RH of yor growing space. If your garden has a relative humidity too low, the best solution is to bring in a humidifier to release humidity to the enviroment. This way we can increase humidity in a quicker and controlled way. There are humidifiers for all kind of gardens, from the cheapest ones for growtent, up to the most professional ones for grow-room, able to release up to 7 liters of water per hour to the enviroment. From SantYerbasi we recommend the use of these tools together with a humidity controller (or climate controller) that will manage its set up.


 Unlikehumidifiers, dehumidifiers take care of reducing your relative humidity. If your growing area is suffering from too high humidities, it can be risky for your crop, as those conditions can favour mold, what could ruin your crop. There are dehumidifiers for all kind of growing-spaces, from the cheapest ones up to the more professional ones. From SantYerbasi we recommend the use of these tools together with a humidity controller (or climate controller) that will manage its set up.

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