Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds is a Spanish seed bank with extensive experience in the cannabis seed market. The company is based in Murcia and stands out for its commitment to organic farming and its wide selection of high-quality feminized and autoflowering seeds.

Within the Advanced Seeds catalog, there are some outstanding varieties such as the Critical family. These indica/sativa hybrid strains are the basis for popular strains like Critical Purple Kush, Critical Lemon, and Critical Soma. They each offer their own unique flavor and effects, and are easy to grow indoors.

Another well-represented genetic family in the Advanced Seeds catalog is Diesel. Black Diesel, Auto Black Diesel, Auto Blue Diesel, and Auto Bio Diesel Mass are some of the varieties available, known for their high-quality flavors and aromas, as well as their potency.

The Skunk genetic family is also present in a variety of strains from Advanced Seeds, including regular autoflowering and feminized versions like Afghan Skunk, Auto Afghan Skunk and Auto Skunk Mass.

Kaya 47 is another renowned strain developed by Advanced Seeds, selected from the Ak-47 variety for its productivity, flavor, fast flowering time, and potent effects.

In summary, Advanced Seeds offers a wide selection of high-quality strains to suit the needs of different growers, whether they are looking for resistance to pests and molds, sweet and fruity flavors, or extreme flowering capabilities. Plus, with unbeatable low prices, these high-quality genetics are available to everyone.

It is important to note that Advanced Seeds produces all its seeds under organic farming methods, using only insecticides and natural fertilizers. Production is carried out under rigorous control in isolated rooms, to guarantee the identity of each of its varieties. In addition, Advanced Seeds uses a completely safe method to obtain its feminized seeds, without resorting to any type of genetic manipulation.

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