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SantYerbasi.com is a website exclusive for over 18 people. It is completely prohibited the sale of seeds to underage people.

Following the Viena convention (1961), the possession of cannabis seeds in Spain is no constitutive of an offense. Cannabis growth could be abject of administrative and penal bills (following the 25.1 article from the Organic Law of Citizen Security Protection and the 368 article of Penal Code).

SantYerbasi does not aim anybody to act against law, and sends its seeds with the condition of not being used by third people in an ilegal way, being the buyer the end responsible of his future acts.

All descriptions of products sold in this site belong to catalogues and specialized documentation published in countries where laws do not prohibit the consumption of certain psychoactive substances (as it happens in Netherland). The fact that some descriptions could make reference to effects after consumption, does not aim anybody to its consumption. It is just descriptive information, as these products are only sold for medical purposes, and therapeutic in students, collectors, souvenirs in Holland, and other countries where legislation allows it.

The consumption of these products will be always done after the only responsibility of the buyer, declining Soldiers of Green, SL any possible responsibility.

Sadly, due to legislative differences, referent to possession and exportation of marijuana seeds, existing in different countries, SantYerbasi strongly advise buyers to inform about existing regulation in their countries, and to act agree with it.

It is explicitly prohibited the purchase of this products from those countries where possession of cannabis seeds is legally prohibited like in example: United States, Australia, Germany and other Asian countries.

If a buyer, nevertheless our advises, proceeds to buy from some of the countries where marijuana seeds are explicitly prohibited, without prior information about local laws, Soldiers of Green, SL won't have any responsibility about possible legal problems  that could derive, and will not refund the money of seized  or rejected materials by customs in commitment of their duty.



Since we decided to redesign the website, we've been working on getting a better navigation for users, creating a more intuitive website, and also more clear for to new users, and returning users.

SantYerbasi Grow Shop site is divided in 4 blocks:

  • Header
  • Body
  • Footer
  • Side Menus

Header: Located on the top side of the website, user just needs to place the mouse over one of the different categories and all subcategories will appear. Then, with a simple and easy way, users can acces to all contents without needing to navigate throughout the site.

Body: Is the center of the website. In this section user may find information relative to the category where is navigating, and all products content in it.

Footer: Placed in the bottom of all pages in this website, inside a gray square, it highlight by being a user information section. In this area users will find information about our company, user guide for SantYerbasi site, shipments, and recommended pages to check.

Side Menus: Located both left and right of the body, this menus are used to improve navigation allover the store. User can filter contents appeared in the body, as well as relative information to offers available at SantYerbasi web.

Selecting products

Once the user has arrived to the desired article, it is only needed to click on the Add to Cart button (by default 1 unit will be added to cart). In cases where users may want to add more than one unit to the cart can act in two ways:

Select the quantity before clicking on the add to cart button.

Select the quantity at cart's page. Once done click on Update shopping cart.

If user wants to continue with the purchase should click on Proceed to Checkout.

In other cases, where user wants to add more products to the shopping cart before proceeding to checkour, should be necessary to click on Continue shopping, or make use of any of the different links on the header section (articles preciously added will continue saved on the cart).

Users that could need to remove an article from the cart, just need to click on the remove item icon. Those user that may want to completely remove all products from shopping cart can click on Clear Shopping Cart button.

Purchase process

Once users have selectioned all products needed, they should click on the proceed to Checkout button. Here will begin the process where users should log in, or register as a new user.

During the purchase process, with only 4 steps, user will be able to update billing details (Name, adress, telephone and email), details for the shipping, shipment method, and payment method.

Once all steps are done, user will recieve an email to its registration email account, telling the order is being processed by our system. Once the order is checked by our team, and prepared to be shipped, user will recieve another email explaining the order is ready to be picked up by our transport company, and the aproximative delivery time.



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SantYerbasi.com sells cannabis seeds as collectable souvenirs in countries where cannabis growing is illegal. Germination of these seeds for any purpose but novelty use is prohibited in those countries. All the information available in this website is intended for educational purposes only, so in any case we pretend to promote illegal activities.

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