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The Adjust-A-Wings is the growing reflector that brings the best performance to your indoor garden. Adjust A Wings Defender is available in 3 different sizes (Small, Medium and Large) with a reflectivity of 92%. The main advantage of this reflector is it guarantees an equal growth for all plants in the growing area, besides higher yields at harvest, thanks to studied curvature and high reflectivity. The Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflector is adjustable to adapt it to your growing space, with a white titanium

The Adjust-A-Wings Defender has the same shape of other Adjust A Wings reflectors, with an advanced design, cientifically proved, and an unbeatable performance and versatility, with a reflectivity of 92%.

The Adjust-A-Wings reflector has earned a recognition of being the best growing hood in market, thanks to its studied shape and reflectivity, that better spreads the light, what derives in more balanced canopy, and better heat dissipation. In addition, thanks to being built in white titanium, its weight is way lower than those reflectors built in steel, and increases its heat dissipation.

One of the main advantages of Adjust-A-Wings reflectors is versatility, as they allow you to adjust the shape of its wings, what means you can adjust it to more light spreading (covering bigger areas) or focussing most of the light straight bottom. The height of the lamp is also adjustable thanks to its lamp holder, what also allows you to get a nicer setting depending on your wings' setup.

Thanks to the premium quality materials used to build it, the Adjust-A-Wings Defender brings a 3-year warranty, being fully functional up to 5 years without problems.

The size of Defender Small are thought for 250-400w HPS lamps, Defender Medium is studied for 400w-600w lamps, and Defender Large is ideal for 1000w lamps (or two 600w lamps)

Adjust A Wings Defender

Reflectivity: 92%.

Available sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Materials: White titanium.

Adjustable: Yes.

Size Defender Small: 54x38 cm.

Size Defender Medium: 70x55 cm.

Size Defender Large: 100x70 cm.

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