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Afghani #1 feminized by Sensi Seeds represents one of the most claimed cannabis strains of all times. Now available in feminized seeds, Afghani#1 has been used for many crossings due to its high yields, quick flowering time, and resistance against hard climates. If you are looking for an easy to clone strain, which brings good results, and quality, indoors and outdoors, Afghani #1 feminized seeds are your best choice.


Afghani #1 by Sensi Seeds has been, and still is, one of the reference strains for thousands of growers all arround the world. These genetics, mostly indica, produce quick flowering plants, developing large buds, dense and loaded with top grade resin. Now, after decades comercializing Afghani #1 regular, Sensi Seeds introduces to their Redux Collection this Afghani #1 feminized, a strain that will save time, effords and money to growers, who won't need to get rid of male plants to only bloom the precious females in their gardens.
Growing Afghani #1 we'll notice she is a strain that makes it easy for growers, forgiving errors, and managing good when temperatures are not ideal (specially under hot climates). Plants develope a strong structure, and medium size, but with a good side-branching. Another characteristic are its big leaves (of a dark green color). The good new about Afghani #1 feminized seeds is they only produce female plants, what actually helps growers, who won't need to battle against a strain with many differen phenotypes.

In order to get the best results indoors, at SantYerbasi we recommend you to keep this beauty in vegetative stage for at least getting 1 foot-tall plant, and then turning them to budding stage. With this previous size, the most common thing would be plants ending their flowering stage (8-9 weeks) with about 2,5 feet height, with big buds that could reach yields up to gram per watt used (within HPS lights) in optimal conditions.

The structure of her flowers shows a short internodal space, what helps flowers to finish dense, thick, and large. This is a typical indica strain, short, powerful, and heavy producer, besides being a jewel for resin extractions (obviously becoming from Hindu Kush afghan parentals).Afghani #1 feminized effect is stony, relaxing and strong, with hash, and charas flavours.The taste of its flowers is sweet, being also a suitable strain to solve insomnia, and also lack of appetite.

Sensi Seeds Afghani #1 feminized

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 95% indica - 5% sativa.

Genetics: Hash Plant.

Flowering period: 45-55 días.

Harvest: Late September.

Yield: High.

Taste: Sweet.

Aroma: Hash.

Size: Compact-sized.

Effect: Couch-locking.

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