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Amnesia Auto marijuana strain, from World of Seeds seedbank is the autoflowering version of the famous Amnesia, a plant born from a crossing between Thailand x C99 x Jack Herer. Amnesia Auto can be grown, indoor and outdoors, along all year, with a maximum height of 120cm and very high yields. Amnesia Auto autoflowering seeds produce big sized plants, with thick buds of strong sativa effect.

Amnesia Auto marijuana is the autoflowering version from the famous Amnesia (a clone from Thailand crossed with Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer), later on crossed with a selected cannabis rudelaris to add the autoflowering gene.

Introducing the autoflowering gene from a rudelaris along of some generations results in an individual with sativa characteristics in a plant with autoflowering cycle.

Amnesia Auto can be grown indoors and outdoors, easily getting a 120 cm height. As it is an autoflowering plant, longer the light cycle bigger the yields will be.

Amnesia Auto seeds produce heavy yielder plants, with dense thick buds, loaded with resin, and a citrus taste and flavour. Amnesia Auto is a very strong plant with sativa effect.

World of Seeds recommends potting the seeds outdoors when warm climate starts, so you can plant new seeds when first crop is almost finished, and get two crops in a season. Some growers, who may produce more than two crops per year, should accept than yields on colder season are lowers than in warm season.

Charcateristics of Amnesia Auto marijuana

Sex: Feminized

Harvest: 70 days from seeding.

Taste: Citrus and fruity.

Smell: Strong.

Effect: Energizing, long lasting.

Resistance against mold: High.

Resistance against pests:: High.

Genetics: Skunk x Cinderella 99 x Jack herer x Thai x Rudelaris.

Overwatering tolerance: High.

Medica value: High.

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