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Amnesika marijuana strain, from Philosopher Seeds, is an Amnesia Haze selection, crossed with a Skunk, selected for its sweet taste. Amnesika is a great companion to proceed with our daily tasks. Harvested late, will give a more inward-looking effect.

Amnesika 2.0 growing information:

This variety was created from a selection of Amnesia Haze which, in this last development, we’ve added a genetic part of a really stable Skunk, with the purpose of stabilizing it and making its flavor a little sweeter.
It’s a versatile seed really well adapted to indoor growing,  where you can make them in 7L pots with a density of up to 12 plants / m2, although it also offers really good benefits in 11L pots with 5/6 plants / m2 being recommended, in this case, pruning the apex of the plant from the 5th internode.
In the first case, we will give the plants three weeks of vegetative growing, while in the second we could wait until 5 weeks. The optimum moment for harvesting indoors is between 55 and 65 days depending on the priorities of the grower.
If Amnesika 2.0 it’s cultivated outside, it became a plant that can reach a big size, that in case of being cultivated directly on the ground it can easily reach the frontier of the 2m. If you cultivate it in terraces or balconies, it’s recommended using pots from minimum 25L of capacity, being perfect those between 40 and 50L.
If cultivated in spring, it will be harvested after the first fortnight of October. If you decide to grow Amnesika 2.0, also inside and outside, you could enjoy a true champion plant in every sense: ease of cultivation. Bud compaction, resination, flavor and effect.,

Description of the effect and flavor of the variety Amnesika 2.0

The taste that this variety offers us results completely different to other varieties with Haze genetics as the traditional hazelnut and nuts flavor that already dominated in the first Amnesika has been complemented with Skunk notes that had combined really well with.
Talking about the effect, this variety brings us a good mood  for developing any kind of activity like the DIY, cooking, reading, etc.
In case of getting smoked in its optimal curing point, this plant can tarnish your mind, giving you a high sensation of introspection.

  • Name: Amnesika 2.0
  • Genetics: Super Silver x G13 Haze x Skunk
  • Content Sat/Ind: 70% Sativa - 30% Indica
  • Indoors flowering: 55 - 65 days.
  • Outdoors flowering: Early October.
  • Indoors production: 350/450 grams /m2
  • Outdoors production: 350/450 grams / planta.

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