Aquarium heater 200w

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Easy temperature adjustment. Double sealing. completely watertight. Indicator lamp. Borosilicate glass tube. Exceptional resistance to sudden temperature changes. Thermal shock resistant.

Water temperature is an important factor for plant's evolution. A too high, or too low, water temperature causes negative conditions for plants.

The perfect temperature for watering plants is 21ºC (hydroponics, in soil and coco either).

This aquarium heater, and water tanks, will take care of temperature to keep it stable.

Thecnical specifications:

Voltage: 220-240 V - 50 Hz

Power: 200w

Long: 270mm

Diameter: 23mm

ºC: From 20ºC to 34ºC.

For aquariums and water tanks: From 180 liters to 200 liters

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