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ATA PK 13-14 is a powerful bloom stimulator that increases the size and density of the flowers. ATA PK 13/14 is also a powerful resin enhancer, getting an increased gland production, of bigger size trichomes. PK 13-14 by ATA is a phosphorus and potassium supplement thought to be added to your nutrient solution from the first week of flowering til the end (just before flushing period)

PK 13-14 is a known bud weight increaser, base in sourcing a phosphorus and potassium supplement (most demanded nutrients by plants in flowering stage).

ATA PK 13/14 stimulator boosts flowering, getting bigger and denser buds, loaded with an increased resin quantity. Besides this it contributes keeping a healthy root system (thanks to the source of phosphorus).

PK 13/14 is directly uptaken by plants, and does not contain fibre. Could be added to our nutrient solution from the first week of flowering in a dose of 0,25 ml/L, and slowly build it up to 1,5 ml/L (week by week).

This powerful booster can be used in all kind of mediums like soil, coco or hydroponics, getting always the best results.

ATA PK 13-14

Type: Flowering booster.

Format: Liquid.

Use: From the first week of flowering stage until the last one just before flushing period. Dose: 0,25-1,25 ml/L.

For: Plants grown in soil, coco or hydroponically.

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