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Dutch Passion's Auto Colorado Cookies seeds are an autoflowering strain of XL size and heavy yields, that are ready to harvest in 11-12 weeks from germination. Colorado Cookies Automatic is born from the crossing Auto Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies, giving as a result a genetics with very high THC levels, being a powerful smoke with sweet and fruity taste.

Genetics of Auto Colorado Cookies strain

Auto Colorado Cookies seeds are born from a crossing Auto Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies. This is an XL-sized autoflowering strain, that can produce large and heavy crops indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the genes of its parentals, Auto Colorado Cookies guarantees a sweet and fruity taste in a genetics that can be ready to harvest in less than 12 weeks from germination. In this strain Dutch Passion fused the original AUto Blueberry with a Colorado selected clone from Girl Scout Cookies, famous for its powerful indica effect and a tropical mango sweet taste.

This is a quick and strong growth, that sources growers with good results no matter their previous skills.

Dutch Passion Auto Colorado Cookies seeds

Auto Colorado Cookies seeds produce strong and resistant plants, indica dominant with good final yields. Being and XL autoflowering strain, Auto Colorado Cookies will be ready to harvest in 10-12 weeks with very high THC levels.

The structure of plants is strong, with robust plants that adapt perfectly to SOG growing method indoors, and to mediterranean climates outdoor. Auto Colorado Cookies comes out in medium-sized plants, in christmass tree shapped form, and a medium internodal space with indica leaves. This is a strain with a good side-branching what actually helps her increase the final yields per crop.

Colorado Cookies Auto will grow for 4-5 weeks before begining to flower. During this period of time what is recommended is to use a root booster, and if possible a grow stimulator to help getting bigger plants, what will turn into larger crops. It is also recommended to use a soft and spongy substrate that allows a quick colonization by roots. If you follow these tips it is not rare you get higher yields indoors and outdoors.

Colorado Cookies Autoflowering in bloom

Once vegetative stage has finished, Colorado Cookies Autoflowering will start developing its flowers so quick, what will allow growers to harvest her in less than 11 weeks from germination.

Being an autoflowering strain, Auto Colorado Cookies can be grown indoors and outdoors all year long. If you grow her in 10-15 liter pots she will find a perfect place to give you back all your love with huge yields. DUring the most warm months you can even grow her in bigger pots up to 20 liters and she will reward you with even larger crops.

This strain does not need special attentions nor cares to deliver heavy yields, so you only have to pay attention to its water needings, feeding her with a good grow nutrient and bloom fertilizer. ¡Watch out with the amount of nutrients given, specially during first weeks of flowering stage!

Auto Colorado Cookies yields

As we have explained, Auto Colorado Cookies from Dutch Passion is a genetics able to do much for very low effords. This in the garden turns in a very nice yields, being normal to get 500 g/m2 indoors (and not rare to get 600 g/m2 by more skilled growers). Outdoors it is normal to get 100 g/plant when light and nutrition are adequate.

Buds are large and dense, and fill a large main cola, surrounded by many secondary nugs with good size. If you can use a balcony or a terrace with some daylight hours, do not hesitate to use a corner of it for Auto Colorado Cookies. ¡You won't be disapointed!

Colorado Cookies Automatic taste and flavor

Auto Colorado Cookies is a balanced blend of its parentals, getting the best from each one. The terpene profile is amazing, sourcing a sweet and fruity intense taste, with a great relaxing effect.

This is a mix between tropical fruits and berries, with some phenotypes that can express more earthy tones (common in kush lines), even though these are less dominant in offspring.

Auto Colorado Cookies cannabis effects

The effect of Auto Colorado Cookies is powerful and couch-locking, characteristic of good indica strains, but with tints of euphoric effect typical from sativa strains.

The indica dominant effect delivers a strong and longlasting buzz. Its high content of THC will make its effect powerful, even for those users with higher tolerance. Some users experience a wellness feeling.

These genetics are good to relax after a long stressed journey, and to sleep. Auto Colorado Cookies is a gurantee of a long night sleeping.

Tips for growing Auto Colorado Cookies

The first tip you ace to keep in mind when growing Auto Colorado Cookies is that it is and autoflowering plant, so there are some techniques you better not use. This is the case of FIM technique, transplants or any other action that might could cause a stop in grow developements, causing stress in plant. If you pretend to get good yields from Auto Colorado Cookies you better let her grow naturally.

Another good advise we can give you is to directly place germinated seed in the pot you will use (15-20 liters outdoors and 10-12 liters indoors). We0ve made many tests with autoflowering strains and bigger pots won't be worth, and smaller pots will limit developement and decrease final yields).

Abot substrate our opinion is you have two good choices and many bad ones. Going deeper into those 2 good choices to grow an autoflowering plant you can use a pre-fertilized growing medium, soft and spongy like a Lightmixm or use coco fiber. Each one of these options has its pros and cons. If it's your first time growing the fact that the substrate contains nutrients will be much appreciated as it will simplify your work, and that's why we recommend you this option. If you have certain experience growing it is probable you get higher yields when growing in coco with bigger plants and more control over feeding.

In both cases, no matter you are an experienced grower or is your first time growing plants, it is so important to use a good root booster from germination until the end of vegetative stage to get plants as big as possible. Bigger the plant got larger the yields will be.

Characteristics of Auto Colorado Cookies seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Autoflowering.

Genetics: Auto Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies.

Flowering period: 6-7 weeks.

Harvest: 11 weeks from germination.

Yields: 500 g/m2 - 150 g/plant.

Taste: Sweet.

Aroma: Fruity.

THC: Muy Alto.

CBD: 0,20%.

CBG: 1,29%.

Auto Colorado Cookies reviews and price

Auto Colorado Cookies seeds are one of those jewels you should better give a try. The ease of growth, and quality of the final product makes a deli enjoy her day and night. This is a plant that can get good results with low to none effords, and also can be grown indoors or outdoors in a balcony or terrace.

If you ever heard about Girl Scout Cookies, but you never tried because was not available an autoflowering version this is your best oportunity. In addition the crossing with Auto Blueberry  not only carries the autoflowering gene, it also adds in a fruity tone that really fits the Cookies.

Maybe the only negative point of this strain is its price, even though when you buy her in 3 or 7 seedpacks the price per seed is lower, we can not afirm these are cheap seeds. In this aspect the quality and exclusiveness have a price and it is not cheap (it's not as high as other strains but it's not cheap, but it guarantees you will enjoy your smoke).

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